Cat Next Gen Excavators


Cat Next Gen Excavators

This is the next generation of Cat® Excavators—built to accommodate a big range of job requirements. Whether your focus is driving down cost p/h, raising the bar on performance and fuel efficiency or hitting big, bold production and cost targets, there’s a new Cat excavator with your name on it.

What's new in the Next Gen range?

Research & Development

To bring you the 'Next Generation' range of excavators, Caterpillar spent 5 years in R&D to discover what features would bring the most value to your business. This range offers:

  • Up to 25 per cent fuel savings*
  • Up to 15 per cent less maintenance costs*
  • Up to 45 per cent operator efficiency*

Scroll down to learn more about how the Cat Next Gen range is able to offer these advantages to your business.

*Compared to previous model. Percentages change slightly depending on whether the excavator is from the 20t or 30t range.

Safer is Smarter

All Next Gen excavators come with improved safety features as standard. This includes the ability to do ground level maintenance checks (which prevents falls), all-round visibility and standard 2D E-Fence technology and rear-view camera. An optional 360° visibility feature is also available.

Focusing on safety is not just the right thing to do. It’s the smart thing too. Consider all the costs you avoid by preventing accidents and injuries: Penalties, medical bills, higher insurance rates, lost production, overtime, investigative and reporting time, replacement worker training, litigation.

Improved Cab

All Next Gen excavator models have a more operator-friendly work station that helps to increase efficiency. Some of the cab's new features include:

  • Seat cooling 
  • Advanced sound suppression
  • Tilt-up console to make entry/exit easier
  • Streamlined control lever consoles
  • Wider seat, that can take up to 160kg
  • Fully adjustable seat with more legroom
  • Bluetooth and USB ports

How will the Next Gen range improve your business? 

Fuel Efficiency

When compared against previous models, these Cat Next Gen excavators provide a 25 per cent saving on fuel*. This is achieved by operating the machine in the new 'Smart Mode' setting, which constantly adjusts engine speed to suit hydraulic demand. By doing this, the machine optimises fuel consumption and enhances performance in all types of digging applications.

In addition to 'Smart Mode', Next Gen excavators have an improved Cat C4.4 Acert engine, which has a better emission rating than previous models, whilst still outputting massive amounts of power.

Finally, Next Gen excavators come with Product Link and VisionLink technology - software that helps you monitor fuel usage from any device.

*Compared to previous model. Percentages change slightly depending on whether the excavator is from the 20t or 30t range.

Less Maintenance Costs

All Cat Next Gen excavators are now easier to maintain than ever before. The Caterpillar design team has redesigned everything to ensure daily maintenance can be fully carried out by the operator on ground level.

The operator can now quickly check on the engine oil, coolant, water separator, filters and oil sampling ports, all without ever climbing on the machine. While this improvement makes maintenance a lot quicker and safer, it also encourages operators to do maintenance on a daily basis (instead of giving it a miss because it's too much effort).

All Cat Next Gen excavators make use of new filters that have increased their life by around 50-100 per cent when compared to previous designs - over the course of the machine's life, this will equate to about 820 litres less oil and up to 50 fewer filters. In addition, the excavator's revamped hydraulic system uses one less pump, two fewer filters and has a 20 per cent smaller tank. It also operates using 50 metres less hydraulic hose than previous models, which equates to a lot less fluid in the system. When it's all said and done, this means a lot less maintenance.

Operator Efficiency

When compared against previous models, these Cat Next Gen excavators provide a 45 per cent improvement in operator efficiency*. This is achieved primarily through the use of Cat Technology. For example, the Cat Payload system provides the operator with the weight of each bucket along with a running total while loading. This eliminates guess work and optimises efficiency by ensuring the operator knows exactly when each truck load is 100% legally maximised.

The Cat Grade with 2D system also enables the operator to set accurate levels and create ramps/grades, all with the touch of a button. Engaging Cat Grade with Assist automates the boom, stick and bucket. This ensures the operator digs to the right level, without any fear of getting it wrong, which enables them to work a lot faster. Digging this way means the operator no longer needs to exit the machine to check levels, or have someone else do this on the fly. With this technology, even the most inexperienced operator will look like a seasoned pro!

*Compared to previous model. Percentages change slightly depending on whether the excavator is from the 20t or 30t range.

Cat Next Gen 320 Excavator Family 

The Cat Next Gen 320 Excavator comes in 3 models:

  1. Cat 320 GC - Standard model. Reliable. Low-cost-per-hour performance.
  2. Cat 320 - Medium-to-heavy applications. Suite of technologies. Fuel efficient. 
  3. Cat 323 - Heavy duty model. Increased power & lift capacity. Built for speed & efficiency.
Cat 320 Next Gen Excavator

Cat Next Gen 336 Excavator Family

The Cat Next Gen 336 Excavator comes in 2 models:

  1. Cat 336 GC - Standard model. Reliable. Low-cost-per-hour performance. 
  2. Cat 336 - Performance model. Standard technologies: Cat 2D Grade, Cat Grade with Assist and Cat Payload.
Cat 336 Next Gen Excavator

Cat Next Gen Excavator Standard Features


Whether you’re looking at the GC or a performance model, technology is standard across the Next Generation Excavator range:

  • Touchscreen monitor
  • Newly designed seat and console
  • Customisable joysticks
  • Keyless push start
Fuel & Power

To support the highest fuel efficiency, the 320-336 Next Gen range provides two power modes:

  • Power Mode delivers maximum productivity in high-demand applications; and
  • Smart Mode, automatically matches engine speed and hydraulic power to the demand.
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