Cat® Next Gen Excavators


This is the Next Generation of Cat Excavators - built to accommodate a big range of job requirements. Whether your focus is driving down cost p/h, raising the bar on performance and fuel efficiency or hitting big, bold production and cost targets, there’s a new Cat Next Gen Excavator with your name on it. Explore the full Range today and find the right excavator for your business and your budget.

Redefine your bottom line

Major Benefits

  • Up to 25% Reduced Fuel Consumption*
  • Up to 15% Lower Maintenance Costs*
  • Up to 45% Increased Operator Efficiency*
  • Increased Safety Features
  • Improved Cab for Operator Comfort

*Compared to previous model. Percentage changes slightly depending on the model.

The Next Gen Difference

  • Automatic Climate Control
  • Operator ID
  • High Resolution Displays
  • Multi-View (360°) Camera
  • More Legroom
  • Next Gen Seat
  • Operator Controls Help System
  • Selectable Job Aids

Enquire Now

nsw stock arriving first quarter 2022

New Large Excavators


Mass excavation is never a simple matter.

  • Project size
  • Material
  • Terrain
  • Ground moisture and drainage
  • Blasting or ripping feasibility
  • Size and number of hauling units
  • Production goals
  • Support equipment
  • Completion date

There is a lot to consider when you choose any mass excavation system. But that just got a whole lot easier with the new Cat 374 & 395 excavators.

You have the dirt and we have the iron, so lets talk!

Cat 374 & 395 Features

High productivity: with ME (Mass Excavation) Stick & Boom combined with EHD Rock buckets (374 5m3 - 395 6.5m3) featuring weld on lip & corner heel shroud protection, pin on sidebar protectors and Cat Advansys GET.

More durability: the boom, stick, and frame are up to two times stronger than those on the previous model with increases to plate thickness in critical areas.

Less maintenance: with extended service intervals for filters & oils and grouped SOS points.

More technology: with a dedicated hydrostatic swing circuit consisting of a bi-directional swing pump, swing motors, charge pump and charge accumulator.

All of these features add up to provide smooth, predictable performance during multitasking operations.

A full range of mine or construction site specific local options are also available.



What is the Performance Range of Cat Excavators?

The Performance range of Cat Next Generation Excavators includes high-performance models to help you raise your productivity and reach your business goals. Keep reading below for a full list of technology features.

Explore the Performance Range today.

Cat Next Gen Large Excavator


Cat Next Gen Large Excavator Family

Cat Next Gen Medium Excavator Family

Cat Next Gen Small Excavator Family

Cat Next Gen Wheeled Excavator Family



What is the GC or Standard Range and what can it do for you?

This range of Cat Next Generation Excavators include affordable models to help you get the job done, without compromising on quality. With the same fuel efficiency, low maintenance costs and ease of operation you expect from Caterpillar®, this selection of standard model machines come without some of the additional technology features.

Explore the Standard Range today.

Cat Next Gen 315 GC Excavator

Cat Next Gen GC Large Excavators

Cat Next Gen GC Medium Excavators

Cat Next Gen GC Small Excavators

Factory fully integrated technology

Factory fully integrated productivity technology is even more accessible than ever before. With it, there are no unexpected costs down the road, just success.

The following integrated technology features are included in our Cat Next Gen Performance Excavators:

  • Cat Product Link
  • Cat GRADE with 2D
  • Cat GRADE with Advanced 2D (optional)
  • Cat GRADE with 3D (optional)
  • Cat GRADE with Assist (Boom Assist, Bucket Assist, Swing Assist, Grade Assist)
  • Cat Payload (Payload Information, Static Weigh, Auto-Calibration)
  • Cat LIFT Assist
  • E-fence
  • Remote Flash capability
  • 360 View Rear-view camera
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