Cat® Next Gen Excavators


Cat® Next Gen Excavators

This is the next generation of Cat® Excavators - built to accommodate a big range of job requirements. Whether your focus is driving down cost p/h, raising the bar on performance and fuel efficiency or hitting big, bold production and cost targets, there’s a new Cat next gen excavator with your name on it.

What's 'Next Gen'?

It’s been 25 years since the last major redesign of Cat® Excavators.

The next generation range of Cat® Excavators have been redesigned from the ground up. Caterpillar spent 5 years in R&D to discovering and designing features to bring the most value to your business. There has never been a better Cat® Excavator to help you achieve your business goals.

How will the Next Gen range improve your business? 

Up to 25% Reduced Fuel Consumption*

Next Generation excavators achieve these fuel saving benefits through the implementation of:

  • New electro-hydraulic systems
  • New e-Fan cooling system fan
  • Larger hydraulic pump
  • New Smart Power Mode - engine mode settings




*Compared to previous model. Percentage changes slightly depending on the model.

Up to 15% Lower Maintenance Costs*

Lower maintenance costs have been kept at the forefront with the redesign of Next Generation excavators. Key design contributing features include:

  • Extended maintenance intervals
  • New engine air filter
  • No pilot lines and filters
  • New hydraulic filter
  • Less fluids
Up to 45% Increased Operator Efficiency*

The ‘Next Generation’ platform makes it than ever to access machine productivity technologies. All Next Generation excavators have the ability for these technologies as factory standard options:

  • Cat Payload system provides weight of each bucket along with a running total
  • Cat Grade with 2D and 3D system enables accurate levels to be set
  • Cat Grade with Assist automates the boom, stick & bucket
  • Programmable joystick control to suit individual operator preferences
Safer is Smarter

Safety is key for Cat® Excavators. Next Generation excavators have the below added safety features:

  • Ground maintenance prevents falls
  • 2D E-Fencing technology*
  • Rear-view camera
  • Optional 360° visibility also available

*Standard on selected Next Gen machines.

Improved Cab for Operator Comfort

Operator comfort has improved. The introduction of electro-hydraulics has removed the need for pilot controls in the cab – this has allowed a total cab redesign. Benefits to the cab are:

  • Tilt-up console to make entry/exit easier
  • Improved right hand side visibility
  • Streamlined control lever consoles
  • Adjustable cooling wider seat for added comfort and legroom
  • Push to Start with operator ID

mini size applications

Cat Next Gen Mini Excavator Family

  • Cat 301.5
  • Cat 301.6
  • Cat 301.7 CR
  • Cat 301.8
  • Cat 302 CR
  • Cat 306
  • Cat 306 CR
  • Cat 307.5
  • Cat 308 CR
  • Cat 309 CR
  • Cat 310
Cat Next Gen Mini

Cat Next Gen Small Excavator Family

  • Cat 313 GC
  • Cat 313
  • Cat 315 GC*
  • Cat 315

*Due to arrive in 2021

Cat Next Gen Small Excavators
medium size applications

Cat Next Gen Medium Excavator Family 

  1. Cat 320 GC
  2. Cat 320
  3. Cat 323
  4. Cat 326
  5. Cat 330 GC
  6. Cat 330
Cat 320 GC Next Gen Excavator
heavy duty applications

Cat Next Gen Large Excavator Family

  1. Cat 336 GC 
  2. Cat 336
  3. Cat 345 GC
  4. Cat 349
  5. Cat 352
Cat 336 Excavator Next Gen
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