Backhoe Loaders: more than just digging

Backhoe loaders are versatile machines, used for more than just digging. With a range of attachments available, backhoe loaders are the perfect solution for any project needing compact machinery. Whether it’s trenching, backfilling, or material handling, a Cat Backhoe Loader can do the job.

Cat Backhoe Loaders: The solution for your site

You might be thinking: what is a backhoe loader and why do I need one?

Backhoe loaders are adaptable machines, designed to have attachments on the front and rear of the machine, allowing it to perform multiple functions.

What makes our utilities so versatile is the extensive variety of backhoe loader attachments we have available, providing the right parts to create the right machine for your project needs.

While our machines are world-leading, it is important to have a qualified and experienced backhoe loader operator behind the wheel.

If you are looking for a backhoe loader for sale or want an attachment to suit your needs, you’ve come to the right place. WesTrac has a wide range of Cat backhoe loader models to cater to your specific business.

Interested in a backhoe loader?

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Backhoe Loaders for every project

WesTrac has Cat Backhoe Loaders that are suitable for construction, landscaping and paving, demolition, or excavation work.

Backhoe loaders come in all shapes and sizes, but there are three distinct types:

  • Standard – also known as a centre pivot loader, with a fixed digging arm
  • Side-shift – features a digging arm that slides from side-to-side, allowing greater versatility
  • Mini – a smaller version of backhoe loader with lower lifting capacity but greater versatility in limited spaces.

WesTrac only offer Side-Shift Cat Backhoe Loaders.

As a leading provider of Cat products, WesTrac’s backhoe loaders are high quality, high performing, and high functioning. Our machines set the industry standard, providing comfortable, safe, and versatile backhoe loaders.

WesTrac offers an efficient backhoe loader comparison online so you can check individual backhoe loader specifications to make sure the machine you want is the right fit for your business.

Backhoe Loaders Available
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Hire a Cat Backhoe Loader

If you’re one of our West Australian customers, WesTrac offers backhoe loader hire. A Cat Backhoe Loader can be used for a variety of applications including trenching, backfilling and material handling. Add one of the many backhoe loader attachments we provide, and the limit to this machines versatility is endless. Renting a Cat backhoe loader is a simple as filling out a ‘Request to Rent’ form at the below link.

Adaptable Attachments

Customise your Cat Backhoe Loader

From drilling to scooping, sweeping to shovelling, WesTrac has a huge range of backhoe loader attachments to cater your needs.

The most common attachments for your Cat Backhoe Loader are:


With different speed and torque options, Cat augers are designed to extract soil efficiently and prevent stalling in dense ground. WesTrac’s range of augers work in a variety of soils, making it easier for you to pick the right auger for your backhoe loader.


The shape of Cat loader buckets is designed to improve digging, loading and material retention. Each bucket is made of high-strength, tempered steel, and with 10 types to choose from, you’ll be covered no matter what the job is. 

You can browse our two ranges of backhoe loader buckets below:



Whether you’re moving bulky or palletised materials on a construction site or handling bagged fertilizer and seed at a nursery, Cat pallet forks are designed to meet your needs. Adding this attachment to your backhoe loader will ensure your machine can meet a wide variety of material handling situations.


Cat hammers are high performance breakers, designed for maximum performance on demolition, construction and road work. Check with your local Cat dealer for the right mounting bracket and hydraulic lines to match your hammer of choice.

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