the Cat Fuel Edge Program

The Cat Fuel Edge Program guarantees you fuel efficiency when you purchase a qualifying a Cat® machine with Product Link™ enabled. It provides this guarantee by giving you a parts credit back if your new machine burns more than the committed fuel consumption threshold. In simple terms, if your machine burns more fuel than promised, you get Cat parts.

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less fuel burn = less emissions

Cat machines and technology will give you the edge

They work together to reduce your fuel burn, estimate CO2 emissions and make your business more efficient.

When you purchase a qualifying Cat® machine – with Product Link™ enabled – you’ll have our PROMISE that you won’t exceed an agreed fuel burn level. And if you do, we'll give you a parts credit*.

With the Fuel Edge Program, you get guaranteed peace-of-mind and a competitive advantage when it comes to running a sustainable operation.

How does the program work?

  1. Prior to purchase, you elect to be part of the Cat Fuel Edge Program and agree to Fuel Edge Program Terms ("Program Terms").
  2. You purchase a qualifying machine.
  3. Via Product Link™, Caterpillar and WesTrac will monitor your new machine's fuel consumption (by agreeing to Program Terms, you provide consent for this to occur).
  4. If the machine's fuel consumption exceeds the threshold, you will be issued Cat parts credit automatically for each litre of fuel your machine has consumed above the set threshold.
What is the value?

As an example, Cat Next Gen Excavators offer up to 25% reduced fuel consumption when compared against previous models. This is not a bold claim, it's a promise and statement Caterpillar is standing by, which is why the Cat Fuel Edge program exists.

If you purchased a Next Gen Excavator and weren't seeing a reduction in fuel consumption, the Fuel Edge program would kick in and you'd be reimbursed with Cat parts credit.

This is a more sustainable solution.


What is the threshold for each qualifying machine?

By choosing to participate in the Cat Fuel Edge Program, if you use more fuel than the committed consumption threshold, we'll credit you! We've put the threshold for all qualifying machines in a table.
limited time only

Take advantage of the program

The Cat Fuel Edge Program is only available for a limited time. To ensure you are seeing savings when it comes to fuel, we recommend signing up to participate in the program if you are going to buy an eligible new Cat machine.
Cat 320 GC Next Gen Excavator

Alltracks achieves 30 percent reduced fuel usage

Alltracks Plant Hire is now running over a dozen Cat Next Gen Excavators. Significant savings have since been achieved as a result of a 30 percent reduction in fuel usage, all thanks to the Cat Fuel Edge Program.
Alltracks Plant Hire Videos
cat next gen excavators offer you an edge

Take your business to the next level

Most small, medium and large Cat® Next Gen Excavators qualify for the Cat Fuel Edge Program. No matter what type of work you do - Cat Excavators deliver market-leading performance, unrivalled versatility and fuel efficiency.
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