Cat® 3D Mastless Motor Graders

Cat Motor Graders come with new Mastless GRADE with 3D technology. This integrated system improves grading efficiency, accuracy and productivity of automated grading systems without the restriction associated with GNSS Blade Masts.

New Mastless GRADE with 3D Technology

What is Mastless GRADE with 3D?

"Mastless" takes GRADE to the next level by integrating the GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receivers (GPS) and IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) grade sensors right into the grader, without restrictions from masts (antenna-like sensors) sticking out or cables getting in the way.

Increased Operator Performance & Visibility

Without the GNSS blade masts, the operator will experience a better overall performance and a safer environment.


The mastless system allows for closer proximity work such as alongside buildings, all while maintaining accurate grade. This grader is suited for finishing applications, such as side slopes and drains, that were not previously possible due to the existing mast positions.

What are the other enhancements?

Automatic Blade Control

Reduces operator inputs and the number of passes to finish the job - saving time and money by reducing the costs associated with re-work (fuel, labour and material costs).

New Enhanced Large Touchscreen Display

Puts the design plan clearly in front of the operator and operates like a tablet. Grade control buttons are now integrated into the joystick controls for seamless operation.

Caterpillar’s Industry Exclusive E-Fence

Fully integrated into the grader, this technology prevents the moldboard from hitting the tyres and ladders and stops the circle from potentially damaging the link bar.

Cross Slope Auto Included with Mastless GRADE with 3D

Allows the operator to manually control one side of the blade while the other side is automatically controlled to maintain the preset cross slope, reducing operator fatigue.

Out with the old. In with the new.

Before Caterpillar® introduced Mastless Motor Graders, tall masts GPS systems had to be mounted to the ends of the moldboard, exposing components to potential damage from the environment and theft.

Due to the threat damage, the masts often had to be removed and remounted daily resulting in unnecessary downtime and added hassles for the operator. The constant removal and installation of the masts causes faster wear and tear, and increases the ongoing cost associated with running the grader.

The location of the masts also limited the blade's range of motion, resulting in limited types of applications.

The first Cat Motor Grader models equipped with the new mastless technology that delivers maximum productivity are:

Can I retrofit an older motor grader to be mastless?

Yes, an older Cat Motor Grader can technically be retrofitted with mastless technology. However, you'll see a lot more benefits if you buy new. The platform for the new machine provides an engine with increased grunt and all of the other enhancements listed above. When this is combined with mastless technology, you get the most powerful grader on the market.


Cat Mastless Technology for Motor Graders

cat motor graders

Hit your targets with a Cat Grader

Cat Motor Graders are built to accommodate a big range of job requirements. Whether your focus is driving down cost p/h, raising the bar on performance and fuel efficiency or hitting big, bold production and cost targets, there’s a new motor grader with your name on it.

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