Cat Mini Excavators

Need an efficient, easily transportable and manoeuvrable machine that will meet the needs of your next job? Look no further than Cat® mini hydraulic excavators. Cat equipment is known for its superior performance. With a complete range of machines available, there’s a powerful Cat mini excavator for nearly any task, especially jobs involving awkward and hard-to-reach spaces.

Cat Mini Excavators - Features

The "Swiss Army Knife" of Machines


Cat mini excavators give the operator a large comfortable space in which to work. The ergonomic control layout, travel pedals and adjustable wrist resets are engineered to minimise operator fatigue and increase productivity. The layout is designed for easy cleaning, minimising downtime between jobs.


Cat mini excavators deliver performance and efficiency at a low cost of ownership. Engines have been perfectly matched to their hydraulics and cooling systems, and they have been engineered to reduce noise and vibration.

The Most Versatile Machine in Your Fleet


Cat mini excavators are comfortable and easy to use, with precise, ergonomic controls and an automobile-style cabin. Operators of all skill and experience levels can be quickly trained to use these machines effectively.


The wide selection of new and used attachments available on Parts.Cat.Com allows you to easily expand the capacity of your mini excavator and take on a number of diverse tasks. Choose from augers, buckets, couplers, rippers and more!

Marty needs the right equipment for the job

Marty Mielcarz, owner of ProCoat Group, takes on jobs that others won't. Whether it's digging out a basement or clearing a backyard for a pool, he needs a machine that leaves no room for error. That machine is a Cat mini excavator.
ProCoat Group

Luke doesn't skimp on his machinery

Luke Brownlee, owner of Newcastle Earthworks, can't afford to have his machines go down. He wants quality and is prepared to pay for it. To fully rely on his machine and have complete peace of mind, he picked a Cat mini excavator.

Luke from Newcastle Earthworks Mini Excavator

Choosing the right cat mini excavator

Which Mini is right for your business?

With such a large range of mini excavators, attachments and technologies, choosing the right combination of equipment for your business can be challenging. Our sales team is on hand to discuss your business requirements to learn more about the types of jobs you're wanting to tackle in the future. Fill out the form below and one of our reps will be in touch.

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