Choosing the right compaction equipment

When it comes to construction projects, the appropriate compaction of soil and other materials is crucial. With a wide range of options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right compactor for your needs.

Cat® compact equipment is one of the most popular options thanks to its reliability, durability, and versatility. Here, we will discuss the different types of Cat® compaction equipment and their applications.

Commonly used in the preparation of construction sites, compaction equipment is used to compact and level the ground and to increase its density and load-bearing capacity.

Cat compaction equipment is an essential part of any construction project, and choosing the right equipment can make all the difference, whether you need to compact soil, asphalt, or waste materials.

There are many types of compaction equipment suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Road construction to ensure that the road surface is properly compacted
  • Landscaping to ensure soil is properly compacted before planting
  • Landfill construction to ensure waste materials are properly compacted and the landfill site is safe and stable
  • Foundation construction to ensure soil is properly compacted before building

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Types of compaction equipment


Landfill compactors are used for compacting waste materials in landfills. They are designed to withstand harsh environments and are available in different models, including wheeled and tracked compactors. Cat landfill compactors have enhanced features with additional guarding and attention to placement of components to ensure durability.


Cat pneumatic rollers work effectively on a wide range of applications. Models with oscillating wheels are used on sub-grade soil, granular material or cold mix to create additional density and find weak areas so they can be repaired before paving. Cat pneumatic rollers are also used on hot mix asphalt in the initial breakdown and intermediate phases to increase density and to seal the surface of the mat.


Cat soil compactors are designed to compact cohesive soils, such as clay and silt. Cat four-wheel drive soil compactors maximise soil density through a tamping wheel tip design, machine weight impact and higher speeds for greater penetration.


Cat tandem vibratory rollers are designed to compact a variety of materials including soil, asphalt and aggregates. Vibratory systems are characterised by high frequency for fast working speed and high compaction energy for getting density in the fewest passes. A wide range of drum widths lets you precisely match the machine to the job requirements—whether it’s a narrow shoulder, a patching project, a parking lot or a bicycle path.


Smooth drum compactors produce consistently reliable results when compacting semi-cohesive and granular materials. Padfoot drum compactors produce consistently reliable results when compacting semi-cohesive and cohesive materials. Pads are tapered and penetrate deeply into the soil to build strength from the bottom up. With operating weights up to almost 19 metric tons, there is a Cat vibratory soil compactor sized to meet the most demanding production and density requirements.

cat certified rebuilds

Cat compactors are built to be rebuilt

A Cat Certified Rebuild can give a new lease of life to your old machine and help avoid the need to buy a compactor. After a rebuild you’ll have a machine that's "good-as-new" – but for a cost that’s up to 40% less than a new machine. When Daracon found its Cat 825H Landfill Compactor showing signs of wear and tear, they weighed up all the options and decided to rebuild instead of buying new. The rebuilt machine is pictured. They saved 50%!

Daracon Rebuilt Compactor
compaction attachments

Versatile range of attachments

Whether looking for a Cat vibratory drum compactor or a Cat vibratory plate compactor, there’s a Cat attachment to meet your requirements. The broad range of attachments can be used for compacting soil, sand or gravel prior to pouring concrete or laying asphalt surfaces. Their capabilities, combined with lower investment and maintenance costs, make them popular with pavers, general contractors and utility contractors in residential, commercial or industrial applications.

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