FitFleet Finance Optimisation (June 2022)

Learn about the latest FitFleet finance features and new functionality.

New finance features were released for the FitFleet Customer Portal Finance Dashboard in June 2022. Functionality added to the dashboard in this release both expanded on existing features as well as adding new options for use not previously available to customers.

A summary of this release is below:

View Invoices on FitFleet See a quick view of invoices on FitFleet without needing to download them first Enhancement
New Invoice List Fields 'Total Outstanding' and 'Total Due' can now be seen on the Invoice List tile Optimisation
Advanced Search Search and filter invoices across a range of fields including the expanded fields above Enhancement
Invoice CSV Download Download complete invoice history or filtered search results into a single CSV file (includes new list fields) Enhancement

New 'Request Additional Credit' Link

Credit Limit Tile now links to an updated WesTrac credit form Optimisation
FitFleet Alert Banner Alerts pop up to communicate short term messages to customers Enhancement
Invoice Display Messaging

Where an invoice viewed on a certain date is also within two days of the issue date it doesn't display in FitFleet- this messaging addition relays this to the customer directly on the Invoice List tile

Account Notification Records When a customer account or additional customer account is removed from a user profile, the user will no longer receive notifications related to that account/s Optimisation
User Profile Details - Mobile Phone Removed mobile phone as a mandatory field when creating a new user profile Optimisation
User Permission Changes When creating or updating a user profile the 'Save Changes' button is now disabled until all User Permission options have loaded to be able to add or remove relevant permission groups to that account Optimisation

We are excited to announce these features.

Whilst we continue to deliver new updates to the customer portal, email us anytime at with any feedback or enquiries.



Enhancement = new feature or function

Optimisation = improvement of an existing feature or function


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