FitFleet SOS Alerts Release (January 2023)

Read the latest development release notes for the FitFleet Customer Portal.

January 2023 saw the introduction of SOS Oil Alerts on the FitFleet Portal, which was the final release of its Phase 2 stage.

Available through FitFleet's Maintenance Dashboard, the new tile allows customers to view a history of Oil Alert samples via a new connection with the SOS Web platform.


This view displays the latest status of all current samples, with status categories including:

  • Sample Sent
  • Sample Received
  • In Progress
  • No Action Required
  • Monitor Component
  • Action Required
  • Urgent Action Required

Full test details are accessible by a dropdown link to each individual sample result on the SOS Web platform.


We are excited to announce this feature.


Whilst we continue to deliver new updates to the customer portal, email us anytime at with any feedback or enquiries.


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