How to warm up your mini excavator


Warming up your Mini Excavator

Ask any athlete their secret to peak performance and it will almost always involve a good warm up.

Your Cat Mini Excavator has the potential to become one of your top performing team members, provided you treat it right.

An elite athlete would never consider going into the game without properly warming up, this is also exactly what your Mini Excavator needs to operate at peak performance. 

Before you get stuck into the day’s work, you need to take your machine through its warm-up routine to ensure:

  • the fluid and lubricants are warm and flowing, 
  • the gaskets and seals are expanded; and 
  • the hoses are supple. 

Just like that first coffee of the day can work wonders for a lot of people.

Always refer to your Operation & Maintenance Manual (OMM)

Start by referring to your OMM to get familiar with your machine’s pre-start procedures. 

It should only take 5 minutes

It’s recommended you dedicate at least five minutes at the start of each day to your warm-up routine.

  • Start by letting the machine idle for three minutes, then increase the revs up to three
  • Raise the blade at least three times
  • Move the boom from side to side and up and down to help get the oil flowing into all the right places (and help you get in tune with your machine for the day’s work).
  • Extend the stick and linkage

Check out the video below to see how it’s done:

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