Grease is the word

A well-lubricated machine is a high-performing machine

Make grease your best tool and your best friend.

A well lubricated machine is a high-performing machine, check out everything you need to know about greasing your Cat Mini Excavator.

Greasing your machine regularly and at the right intervals will help keep your Cat Mini Excavator running for years to come.

All service and greasing intervals can be found in your Operation and Maintenance Manual, as well as on the quick reference chart located in the cab of your machine (generally positioned under the seat).

Service interval reference chart - mini excavator
Service interval reference chart - Cat Mini Excavator

Quick tips

  • If it's in the dirt, you should grease it daily. For example, the grease zerks on the end of the pins near your bucket.
  • Before greasing, ensure your machine is parked on level ground with the linkage extended all the way – this allows you to perform your daily greasing tasks without having to reposition your machine
  • Too much grease will not hurt your machine, but it will make it look messy
  • Put enough grease in until you see it bubble out of the joint – this will push the dirt out and keep the machine performing optimally

Learn how to make grease your best tool and your best friend by watching the video below:

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