Become an expert operator



Operating your Cat Skid Steer or Compact Track Loader is almost as easy as putting on your boots in the morning – with a few helpful operator hints you can make anything look easy.

When it comes to operating your Cat equipment, you can rest assured it’s been designed to be easy to use, good at what it does and to make your life easier.

And while simple is often the best, some of the advanced control features are important to understand so you can achieve even more every day.

See these features in action in our TeamYellow Operator Tip & Tricks video below:

Dual self-levelling 

At the flick of a switch, this feature allows you to raise and lower the lift arms while handling material and keep the bucket or attachment level at all times. 

Dual self-levelling ensures you don’t spill any material you’re carrying, providing great reassurance and efficiency for those repetitive tasks.

Return to dig

A programmable feature which really saves you time. Once you have unloaded your bucket, you can return to the predetermined dig position (which is normally level) and allows you to go straight back into the pile, without the worry of having to remember where your bucket was previously positioned.

Creep Control

Just like cruise control on your car, Creep Control allows you to work more accurately at a predetermined speed while maintaining full joystick movement and hydraulic power to your attachments. Say goodbye to bunny hops - travel in comfort and with confidence that you’re able to operate at the perfect pace, for precision tasks with attachments such as trenchers, brooms, cold planers and more.

It’s all designed to allow you to do more, work more safely and make your life easier. And all these advanced operator functions are available at your fingertips via your Advanced Display Screen (ADS).

To learn more about the ADS in your cab, click the link below.

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