Warming up your skid steer loader


Any high-performance athlete will tell you one of the secrets to peak performance is a good warm-up.

No top-performing athlete would dream about hitting the field without a proper warm-up - and your Skid Steer Loader should be no different.

Your skiddie requires warm, clean oil to be running through its engine for a good start (and end) to the day. It ensures gaskets and seals can expand and hoses are warm and supple to keep everything moving seamlessly.

So what’s the secret to a good warm-up?

It’s easy.

Start by letting the engine idle for three minutes, then do a good “arm stretch” by moving the attachment up, down and side to side to ensure the oil is moving around and it’s running smoothly.

Is that it?

While professional athletes no doubt have a more extensive warm-up routine, thankfully your compact loader isn’t quite as demanding, so that’s the job done.

Check out the video below for a quick demonstration:

Remember to familiarise yourself with the full pre-start procedure as set out in your operation and maintenance manual, so you and your skiddie can be set for a match winning performance.

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