Valentine's Day 2024

Download the full set of Cat Valentine's Day cards for 2024 and share the love.

Share the love

On the right, you'll find the full set of Cat® Valentine's Day Cards for 2024.

Click on the card you want to open it up in a new window, then save it to your desktop and share it with someone you love via email or social media.

If you're an old school romantic, you may also like to print them out and hand them over in person.

This year the set includes diggers, dozers, loaders, compactors, dump trucks, and more!

Cat Next gen excavators

Would you love a Next Gen?

Hundreds of our customers are loving their new Cat Next Gen Excavator and, thanks to the technology that comes standard on them, they're doing more work than ever before. If you'd love to see up to 45% increased operator efficiency, 25% reduced fuel consumption and 15% lower maintenance costs, click below.
Cat Valentine's Day

Pink is not just a colour to Asha from Sage Civil

Sage Civil Managing Director Asha Russell has taken delivery of a Cat® 320 Next Gen Excavator with a unique boom painted pink by WesTrac. Asha uses pink and purple machinery to spark important conversations about attracting women to the civil industry.
Sage Civil 19.jpg
let's do the work

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