Safety in Construction Whitepaper

The construction sector has a significant opportunity to improve its safety performance. Advances in equipment, processes and technology, coupled with improved training and greater general awareness of risk factors, are helping enhance safety outcomes while also delivering improvements in productivity, accuracy and efficiency. This WesTrac whitepaper looks at how technological innovation is helping the construction sector continuously improve safety performance.

What's inside? 

  • Why Safety Matters: An introduction to safety
  • An Unenviable Record: A look at fatalities in the Australian construction industry
  • Addressing Key Areas: A look at what the focus areas for safety are today
  • Top Down and Bottom Up Approach: A discussion on what approach needs to be taken
  • Getting Down to the Technicalities: An introduction to the latest safety technologies
  • Looking to the Future: An insight into what the future holds for safety in construction

Feature Articles

Cat® Connected Worker

Experts from Caterpillar provide an overview of Cat Connected Worker - a collection of smart, wearable technologies that can be used on any construction site to greatly improve safety. These technologies will be rolled out throughout 2022.

Evolution of 3D Technology

This article provides an overview of all the 3D technologies currently being utilised by the construction industry including 3D Imaging, Modelling and Rendering, Photogrammetry and Mapping, Laser Scanning, Printing and Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

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case study

Daracon Group

This whitepaper includes a case study featuring Daracon Group that takes a look at how safety is intrinsic to their success.

Daracon Group understands there are many challenges associated with encouraging safe workplace behaviours and integrating a consistent safety culture, which is why Daracon has looked at how technology can play a part in achieving that goal.

To read the full three-page case study, download the whitepaper.



WesTrac offer a wide range of safety services for construction industry designed to keep your site as safe as possible. When you utilise one or more of our safety services you'll feel confident knowing that site safety is embedded in your business and workplace culture. Thanks to advances in technology, it's easier than ever before to keep jobsite safety front and centre of your business.

When you work with our Technology Team, the safety of your people becomes our priority. Working with the latest safety applications, our technology can alert your operators to hazardous zones, provide you with a live performance overview, instantly give you the location of every machine and even apply remote controls to your fleet in harsh conditions.

Examples of services include:

  • Sleep Profile Reporting
  • Safety Culture Program
  • Operator Safety Monitoring
  • Fatigue Risk Management System

Every construction operation and jobsite has safety challenges. We know one of your biggest concerns is ensuring your team goes home safely, every day.

Cat® DETECT technologies combine safety and monitoring systems to enhance operator awareness. By expanding your view of the working environment around your equipment, you can keep your people and assets safe.

We offer a number of different Cat DETECT technology options so you can choose a solution that’s right for your job needs, fleet and budget:

  • Camera Systems
  • RFID Systems
  • Machine Security Systems

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