Cat Certified Rebuilds

A Cat Certified Rebuild will breathe new life into your old machine. Not only will it be back to like-new performance and productivity, it'll have a new serial number and comprehensive warranty. After a rebuild you’ll have a machine that's "good-as-new" – but for a cost that’s around 40% less than a new machine.

Four reasons to consider a rebuild solution

1. A fraction of the cost

You need the right equipment for the job, at the right price – that’s why you invested in Cat® equipment. If your trusted machine has seen better days, WesTrac can deliver like-new performance with a Cat Certified Rebuild that offers all the benefits of a new machine, without breaking the budget. A Cat machine has more than one life! It’s designed to be rebuilt. When you’ve got a machine you trust, you’ll do what it takes to keep it working hard for you and your operation.

2. We start with a complete inspection

Prior to arriving at WesTrac, each Cat Certified Rebuild job starts with a complete machine inspection by one of our field service technicians at your site. Our technician will assess the condition of every component and part to ensure your machine gets the tailored rebuild it needs. This will also allow us to provide you with an accurate quote so you can manage cash-flow.

3. The gold standard in service

As an authorised Caterpillar dealer, we know how to help you maximise your investment and achieve the highest levels of durability, reliability and productivity. All our Cat Rebuilds are thoroughly tested for quality and operational readiness so that you know your field performance will match those in the shop. To determine which Cat Certified Rebuild Program is the best fit for you and your equipment, get in touch with our team today and we'll walk you through the entire rebuild process and answer any questions.

4. Rebuilds are a more sustainable option

By investing in a rebuild instead of buying new you'll be avoiding wasted materials and promoting a circular resource economy - which is something that can become a critical part of your sustainability strategy; just like it's part of ours.

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Replace or rebuild - decision behind Daracon reviving a Cat 825H Soil Compactor

Daracon made the decision to rebuild its Cat® 825H Soil Compactor which, up until late 2022, had spent 12 years' operating under the Daracon badge on large subdivision jobs in NSW. Investing in this rebuild came in at 50% of the price for a new machine.
Daracon Cat 825H Compactor Before Rebuild 2

Council realises savings with Cat Landfill Compactor rebuild

When Busselton City Council found its Cat 826G Landfill Compactor showing signs of wear and tear, the council weighed up all the options. Following a cost analysis, the decision was made to rebuild instead of buying new.
Busselton City Council Rebuild of Cat Compactor AFTER

Take advantage of rebuilds to lower costs

Rebuilds come at a fraction of the cost of buying a new machine. Here’s how one of our mining customers, Boral, came to the decision to invest in rebuilds instead of buying new machines.
Boral chooses to invest in rebuilds

Axis Hire utilises rebuilds to do more in rental industry

Axis Hire is an industry-leading national fleet hire company. Axis utilises rebuilds to keep costs down and ensure they have more available assets ready for hire.
Axis Hire invests in Cat Certified Rebuild

Rebuilding a Cat® R3000H Underground Loader: A WesTrac first - P1 (2020)

Part 1 of 2: WesTrac Bathurst have rebuilt the dealership's first Cat R3000H Underground Loader. It was rebuilt at 30,000 hours and will now do another 30,000; all for 65% of the price of a new machine.
The Green Cat R3000H Underground Loader

Wide range of rebuild options

Engine Component Rebuild
A Cat Certified Engine Component Rebuild (CER) will maximise your investment. Cat engines can be rebuilt for a second life, and increase their durability, performance and dependability, for much less than the price of a new engine.
Hydraulic Component Rebuild
A Cat Certified Hydraulic Rebuild (CHR) Service will restore your machine’s hydraulic and hydrostatic drive systems to like-new and increase their reliability and durability. We've created an infographic that highlights how you can reduce downtime and avoid unexpected costs by repairing or rebuilding hydraulic cylinders.
Powertrain Component Rebuild
A Cat Certified Powertrain Rebuild (CPT) will help you achieve multiple lives from your machine’s components. Rebuild and update your major powertrain components, offering a cost-effective second life delivering like-new performance, reliability to your machine.

Talk to us about rebuild options for your machine

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