SOS Analysis

Scheduled Oil Sampling and Fluid Analysis: The Process

The WesTrac SOS Lab provides high quality testing for:

  • Oil: Wear Metals, along with contaminants like water, fuel, glycol or dirt that can impact performanc
  • Coolant: Correct usage, condition, adequate freeze/boil protection and contamination.
  • Fuel: Correct usage, quality and contamination
  • DEF: Quality
  • Filters: Wear and contamination

The process of Fluid analysis:

  1. Sample extracted from machine and sent to WesTrac in prepaid postbag
  2. Processed through the lab by highly skilled team of technicians
  3. Trained interpreters review the data along with historic data to determine trending health of compartment
  4. Results along with an expert recommendation are sent to the customer via email and through CatSOS online

Analysis Technical Descriptions

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