Targeting Zero Emissions in Mining

The mining industry is subject to a range of regulations and public scrutiny when it comes to improving sustainability outcomes. In many cases, there are no specific metrics to identify just how far miners need to go – but as this whitepaper discusses, it is a process of continual improvement, and stakeholders at every stage in the supply chain have a role to play. That includes equipment and technology providers.

What's inside this whitepaper? 

Part 1 - Introduction

  • Mining and Emission Reductions 
  • Mining Supply Chain Initiatives

Part 2 - Equipment Technology and Sustainability

  • The Cat® Trolley Assist System
  • Understanding Electrification Limitations
  • Upstream Sustainability
  • Staged Approaches to Reduced Fuel Usage
  • The Benefits of Autonomy
  • MineStar™ Technology Drives Sustainability
  • The Way Forward


Case Study: Newmont autonomous rollout delivers multiple benefits

In a trendsetting move, Newmont made the decision in June 2020 to partner with WesTrac to implement a fully autonomous haulage fleet at Newmont Boddington. In this whitepaper, we do a deep dive into this partnership and look at how it's going two years later.

Article: MineStar delivers across breadth of ESG

This article provides an overview of the Cat MineStar suite of technologies. Mining operations all over the world are achieving better sustainability outcomes by incorporating these technologies and, in this whitepaper, we explain how this is possible and what benefits can be achieved.

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One of Caterpillar’s leading technologies allowing customers to tread firmly down the sustainability path is it’s MineStar solutions.

MineStar can help increase productivity, improve safety, extend equipment life and introduce automation across a wide range of surface, underground and miscellaneous working environments.

The MineStar product suite is built around four pillars – FLEET, TERRAIN, HEALTH and DETECT – providing the foundational blocks towards autonomy and ultimately contributing strongly towards sustainable operations.


Another part of Caterpillar’s sustainability strategy is a commitment to circular economy programs like remanufacturing (“reman”) and rebuild, which involves finding new ways to reduce, reuse, recycle and reclaim materials that would have otherwise gone to a landfill.

With a rebuild, an end-of-life mining machine can be returned to operating condition at a significant saving, for a much more sustainable outcome.

By rebuilding your equipment, you are minimising waste. Re-using 85-95 per cent of the original machine and adding remanufactured components consumes 50-60 per cent less energy. Rebuilding doesn't just make good business sense, it benefits the environment.


Cat Trolley Assist System

Trolley assist offers mines the ability to reduce engine emissions and increase mine electrification. The reduction in diesel fuel consumption lessens greenhouse gases, NOx, and PM emissions. It promotes a more sustainable mining operation.
Cat Trolley Assist System
2021 Sustainability Report

As part of their long-standing commitment to sustainability, Caterpillar has produced a report covering their environmental, social and governance (ESG) approach.

In their detailed report, you'll find information related to the 2030 sustainability goals they've set and the progress made on each one.

A video in the playlist below provides even more detail on these goals.

Mining Responsibly

Caterpillar is committed to mining responsibility and is collaborating to bring solutions that support your sustainability goals and business needs. Click the link below to find out what Caterpillar is working on when it comes to:

  • Electrification
  • Technology & Autonomy
  • Power & Energy Solutions
  • Waste Reductions
  • Emissions Reductions


Using a D8R Dozer for Environmental Rehabilitation

For mining company Monpolymet Group, rebuilding the environment is just part of the plan. Once a functional mine, Mongolia's largest man-made lake was created using a Cat D8R dozer. Welcome to Toson lake – formerly, the Toson mine. It’s now a beautiful vacation destination and home to all sorts of animals and plants.
Sustainability in Action

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