MineStar Command for Underground

Cat® MineStar Command for Underground Cat® relocates operators to a safe, comfortable operating station on the surface.

Cat® MineStar Command for underground relocates operators to a safe, comfortable operating station on the surface. That improves utilisation by reducing the last-to-first-bucket time during shift changes. It all adds up to more material moved and more profit for your mine’s bottom line.


  • RELOCATE operators to a safe, comfortable location underground or on the surface.
  • ENABLE control of multiple machines from a single Remote Operator Station.
  • ELIMINATE exposure to noise, dust, seismic activity and other underground hazards.
  • PREVENT collision damage caused by LHD machines contacting tunnel walls.
  • OPTIMISE shift changes by enabling hot-seat operator exchanges on the surface.
  • RETURN to work quickly after a blast to get production back on track.
  • IMPROVE operator comfort, employee retention and operator recruitment.
  • MONITOR operations through video, with real-time location and status date.
  • CONFIGURE zones to regulate machine speed to establish exclusion areas.
  • CONTINUE operation through seismic events.

Understanding the Cat MineStar for Underground LHD Systems 

  • Line-of-Site Remote Control Loading – A portable controller lets operators work from a safe distance while the machine loads under an unsupported roof.
  • Remote + Guidance Operation – An advanced Remote Operator Station enables control from the surface or an off-site location. Basic system remotely controls load, tram and dump functions. A guidance upgrade supplements steering to minimize drive wall impacts.
  • Semi-Autonomous Operation Copilot Mode – Operators monitor machine location on a mine map as they load, tram and dump, providing directional input using joysticks. Autopilot Mode – Allows the machine to tram, dump and return autonomously. The operator then takes control of the loading process.
  • Autonomous Operation – Combining Autodig functionality with Autopilot Mode provides completely autonomous Load-Haul-Dump cycles

Australian Success Story

Byrnecut, Australia’s largest underground mining contractor, has racked up years of experience applying Cat semi-autonomous LHD technology. The company’s mining team put that experience to use in Western Australia as they deployed Command for underground in Sandfire Resource’s DeGrussa Copper-Gold Mine, with the objective of boosting productivity and driving down costs.

Read the full story at Australian Mining

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