Switch attachments easily with your Dual Manual Coupler


As simple as subbing one player for another, you can switch attachments safely and quickly to help move from one job to the next with ease.

The Cat Dual Manual Coupler is a great innovation for safety and efficiency, allowing you to switch attachments quickly and easily. 

Check out the TeamYellow Tips video below to see how it’s done:

The first thing is to get your coupler and attachment into the right position so you can release the wedge that holds the attachment in place.

From here:

  1. Place the boom and stick in position
  2. Grab a wrench/spanner
  3. Release the wedge
  4. Unlatch the safety
  5. Roll out of the bucket or attachment and swing over to your next attachment

It’s as simple as that. 

Switch attachments easily with your Dual Manual Coupler
Then it’s a matter of fitting the new attachment and the Dual Manual Coupler makes it easier than ever before. To line up a new tool, you simply bring it down until you hear the snap. From here you can lift the attachment to move for transport or if you want to work with it, simply put the arm back into a safe position with the attachment off the ground and wind the wedge back into position.

Switch attachments easily with your Dual Manual Coupler

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