Advanced Features - when front shovel is best

It's Easy to switch to front shovel mode. and quick!

Some tasks call for operating in front shovel mode - Greg Worley from the Cat Mini Excavator Product Group explains how.

Greg Worley, from the Caterpillar Mini Hydraulic Excavator Product Group, talks about how front shovel mode on your Cat Mini Excavator increases the flexibility of your machine, allowing you to spin the bucket around so you can easily dig under pipes or footpaths or even backfilling trenches adjacent to walls or buildings.

With Cat Mini Excavators:

  • All can operate in front shovel mode
  • Pin on buckets, manual couplers and hydraulic couplers all support front shovel mode
  • With a hydraulic coupler, you can switch the way your bucket is facing multiple times without having to leave the cab of your machine.

Watch how quickly you can turn your bucket:

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