Cat BRX118 Industrial Brushcutter

The Cat® BRX118 Industrial Brushcutter is put to work by Andrew from Kaplan Homes. This handy attachment is suitable for jobs involving road maintenance, land clearing and hazard reduction. If you're thinking about investing in a Cat industrial brush cutter, read this article first.

Cat® Industrial Brush Cutter Customer Testimonial

In the video above, Andrew from Kaplan Homes in Sydney uses his new Cat BRX118 Brushcutter to clear land fast. Here's what he had to say after investing in this attachment:

"The BRX118 is great for the clearing and removal of the thick, tough, invasive noxious weed trees African boxthorn & African Olive, which are found in many districts around Australia. This Brushcutter is a powerhouse! We cleared about 2 acres of weed trees in under 3 hours - cutting through 6 to 8  inch African olive tree trunks & through thick, dense un-passable paddocks of African Box Thorn bushes over 4m high with ease."

Brush cutter attachments are perfect for home building businesses like Kaplan Homes who are regularly called upon to clear land before building.

Cat Industrial Brush Cutter Applications

Road Maintenance

A Cat Industrial Brush Cutter can be used to help maintain roadways by quickly and easily clearing overgrowth from the sides and median strips. Here are just a few of the road maintenance jobs your business could be doing every month if you invest in a brushcutter.

Government Road Maintenance Work

Road maintenance jobs like this are typically given to contractors by local Government councils and it's usually a long-term multi-year contract involving monthly or bi-monthly work - making this a lucrative attachment to own for any earthmoving business. With the brushcutter attachment, you may even secure a contract to maintain roads within a national park.

Private Road Maintenance Work

In addition to maintaining public roads, there is high demand for road maintenance work in the private sector, particularly on large properties and farms that have long access roads. Other examples of businesses that might give you regular work with a brushcutter attachment include show grounds, power stations, retirement villages, hospitals, ports, material terminals, mine sites, quarries, bus depots, housing estates and race courses.

If your earthmoving business services a local area that includes many of the private businesses listed above, you should considering investing in a brush cutter like the Cat BRX118.

Defence Road Maintenance Work

While a defence contract is harder to secure for the average earthmoving business, it's still a viable possibility that could be secured with this attachment. Large defence sites have roads that require regular maintenance - even more frequently than the average roadway. If you operate in an area with one of these sites, don't overlook this opportunity.

Land Clearing

A Cat Industrial Brushcutter can be used to clear land quickly and easily. Land clearing jobs come up frequently but they are typically one-off jobs, not long-term maintenance contracts. Examples of this type of work include:

  • Clear a path for a new driveway (private) or road (private or Government)
  • Clear a new paddock on a farm
  • Clear land for a new house or even an entire housing estate
  • Clear a hillside on a large property

By having a large brush cutting attachment on your machine, as opposed to a handheld device that a landscape maintenance contractor might own, you'll be able to knock over land clearing jobs a lot faster than your competitors - which is an attractive prospect for people wanting to clear land on a tight timeline, i.e. a housing estate.

Hazard Reduction

A Cat Industrial Brushcutter or Mulcher can be used for hazard reduction jobs in more rural areas where fires are common. Hazard reduction jobs involve clearing and preparing land for bushfires. By removing vegetation in rural areas, a fire is less likely to be as intense, especially if it is a grass fire.

The Australian bushfire season of 2019-2020, also known as the Black Summer, caused a significant spike in hazard reduction work right across Australia.

Hazard reduction jobs can be secured by contacting farms and large property owners in rural areas. They are also commonly given out by rural fire departments (who may not have their own brush cutting or mulching machine).

While a mulcher attachment is more common and recommended for this type of work, you'll still be able to do it with an industrial brushcutter. 

As an example, one of our customers, Oldfields Australia, pivoted their entire business to focus on hazard reduction by investing in a Cat HM315C Mulcher.

Brush Cutter Parts

Like any machine or attachment, your Cat brush cutter will require parts and maintenance, especially if you are ploughing through many of the jobs listed above each month. One of the most common parts you'll require are brush cutter blades.

WesTrac has a large inventory of brush cutter replacement parts on hand and ready to go. You can order the parts you require by giving us a call on 1800 881 064, visiting your local WesTrac branch or buying the brush cutter parts online via Parts.Cat.Com (which is the fastest and easiest way to order).

Brush Cutter For Sale

The current Cat brush cutter price range is between $9,000 to $30,000, depending on which model you choose - "industrial" models are more expensive. For some of the tougher jobs listed above, you'll need an industrial model, which is why we recommend speaking to one of our attachment experts to help you make the right decision. 

Just like buying parts online above, you can shop the entire range of Cat industrial brush cutters online via Parts.Cat.Com. However, unless you know which is the right model for your business, we still recommend speaking to one of our attachment experts first before checking out.

If you aren't ready to buy, you can browse the full available range of Cat Brushcutters on our website by clicking below. Our website has a comparison tool built-in which makes comparing the specs of available models easy.

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