FitFleet® is fit for purpose for Earthworx

WesTrac’s FitFleet Premium Customer Value Agreement provides peace of mind for Sydney-based family earthmoving business Earthworx with all maintenance servicing being taken care of by trained WesTrac technicians.

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Sydney-based family earthmoving business Earthworx caters for large commercial and infrastructure early works projects and its state-of-the-art, clean, scratch-free equipment symbolise an attention to detail that really resonates with clients.

And indeed, much of the attention to detail has been supplied as a result of Earthworx signing on to WesTrac’s FitFleet Premium Customer Value Agreement, which provides peace of mind with all maintenance servicing being taken care of by trained WesTrac technicians.

“This means we can remain focused on delivering quality work knowing that all machine maintenance is in the best hands,” Managing Director Anthony Mouran said.

FitFleet Premium benefits include:

  • Access to machine health data
  • Advice and instructions through asset condition monitoring reports to assist clients with the machine and operations.
  • Field service technicians will bring the genuine Cat parts needed when they complete preventative maintenance events.
  • WesTrac will handle all preventative maintenance events with a Cat certified maintenance plan and recorded service history.
  • Known fixed costs on preventative maintenance events and genuine Cat parts for the term of the contract, offering smoother cash flow and peace of mind.
  • A proactively maintained machine that leads to a longer life and increased productivity.

Key to WesTrac’s Sydney operation is Product Support Representative Kimberley Petkovic, whose personal approach as a dedicated sales representative is valued by clients.

“Kimberley’s been perfect. We deal with her on a week-to-week basis,” Anthony said.

“She always calls in to make sure our machines are working and she works hard to ensure the servicing is always completed on time. She’s reliable and ultimately that’s been the best thing about being a WesTrac customer.”

“It’s enabled our machinery to always stay very well-maintained and I think for us that’s the key to the success of our business: making sure that we have limited downtime. Kimberley is fantastic, she knows our equipment as well as we do.”

For her part, Kimberley said FitFleet Premium was a smart choice for businesses like Earthworx, with pay-by-the-hour costs aligned with utilisation and known costs, ensuring accurate budgeting for jobs, as well as providing predictable costs for maintenance and repairs.

“The regular maintenance and inspections can extend the lifespan of machinery and reduce downtime."

"Our technicians are trained on maintaining Cat equipment."

“This ensures that the Earthworx fleet is handled by technicians who know the machinery well, as well as giving them peace of mind, knowing that we have their equipment covered, allowing them to focus on their core operations.”

Kimberley said FitFleet provides data- driven insights and support needed to keep equipment running at optimum levels.

“It takes all the stress and hassles away from managing parts, maintenance, and repairs. With Premium, WesTrac take care of everything and the client can focus on other areas of the business – while knowing and trusting WesTrac will keep their equipment running."

“The FitFleet Portal is also a great tool/ platform that provides businesses with easy access to key information about equipment, service schedules, work orders, invoicing, finance and more."

“The entire team can use the portal, from any device. It’s so intuitive and easy-to-use as well.”

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Make every day easy with a FitFleet CVA

A FitFleet CVA is an ongoing support and preventative maintenance agreement. Encompassing equipment health inspections, servicing, condition monitoring provided by local product experts, access to an online portal and more. A FitFleet CVA will also provide data-driven insights into the overall health, utilisation and performance of your machine. All new machine purchases come with a complimentary FitFleet Essentials agreement.

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