What keeps Chalouhi coming back to Cat machinery

Chalouhi has built its success with the help of a strong partnership with WesTrac. CEO Robin Chalouhi explains what keeps them coming back to Cat machinery.

This story was produced by Caterpillar and originally published as an interview case study in Earthmoving Equipment Magazine. It has been republished (with permission from EEM) here by WesTrac in August 2023.

Robin Chalouhi has been a Cat fan his whole life. From unwrapping yellow toy trucks under the Christmas tree as a kid, to purchasing his very first full-sized machine, a Cat 325 BL Excavator, to running his own company – Cat machinery has always been his number-one choice.

Today, Robin is CEO of the Sydney civil engineering and construction company that he and his business partner (and brother) Norman share their name with: Chalouhi.

“Over the past decade, Chalouhi has built a broad portfolio of projects in civil earthworks and construction,” Robin says. “We specialise in demolition, remediation, ground engineering, and civil works. Our aim is to offer clients an all-inclusive civil solution that is focused on innovation and efficiency.”

Chalouhi runs a large fleet of Cat excavators ranging from 2.5 to 50 tonnes, including a new Cat 340 Next Generation Excavator, the latest in a long list of machines Chalouhi has purchased from WesTrac.

“Since Caterpillar® launched the Next Gen range of machines, the technology features have significantly assisted our project teams by increasing efficiency, accuracy, and productivity in the services that we offer our clients,” Robin says.

“Some of the most helpful features are the onboard weighing systems, as well as the 3D features on the excavators. This has truly changed the way we approach our projects.”

ever-growing fleet adds "dream machine"

David Carrier, WesTrac Sales Rep for Sydney Metro, has been Chalouhi’s trusted heavy machinery adviser for more than five years.

“The relationship began when I was a Product Support rep, and developed further when I moved into new machines sales in 2017,” David says.

When Robin and the Chalouhi team were in the market for a powerful new Cat excavator, they trusted David to steer them in the right direction.

“The Cat 340 is the latest release in the Cat Next Generation range, and is essentially a super-charged version of the Cat 336,” David says.

“It has a wider footprint, heavier standard counterweight, and stronger arms than the previous model. It offers great productivity, especially with all the Next Generation features such as the Cat payload system, 2D or 3D grade, E-Fence and assist functions."

“With the type of work Chalouhi carries out, which is mainly bulk excavation, the 340 is the perfect match of performance and reliability. Chalouhi has been using a Cat 336D, 336E, 336F and recently the 336 Next Generation, so when the 340 was released, it was a no-brainer to get them in one, as it suited their application perfectly.”

Robin describes the new Cat 340 as a “dream machine” for any operator.

“The 340 is a versatile machine with the right power for our demanding projects,” he says. “It offers us the option to do bulk excavation as well as more detailed work with the 3D option fitted. It’s also very easy to manoeuvre around the streets of Sydney, making it an ideal size for us.”

Equipment management made easy with fitfleet

With the size of the company’s Cat fleet, Chalouhi has also taken advantage of WesTrac’s FitFleet®Premium Customer Value Agreement (CVA) to maximise productivity and minimise machine downtime.

Robin says he’s been a Cat machinery fan for his whole life. FitFleet CVAs are designed to provide businesses with a range of benefits to optimise the performance and efficiency of their fleet. This can include proactive fleet management, regular fluid sampling, expert maintenance, and advanced diagnostics.

David says Chalouhi has made the most of the Premium tier of FitFleet, which includes on-site parts and maintenance support from a WesTrac field service technician.

“They have a field service mechanic almost all to themselves,” David says. “They absolutely love it. I think this level of dealer support is a major factor that keeps Chalouhi coming back to WesTrac and Caterpillar.”

Robin says putting money towards the best gear with the highest quality support is always worth the investment, both for the business and its operators.

“One thing I’ve learnt in my years in business is that ‘cheap is expensive’,” he says. “Plus, with our modern Cat fleet, experienced operators want to work at Chalouhi, because they know they’ll be working with the latest technology.”


Robin says the highly positive experience of purchasing the Cat 340 was just the latest in Chalouhi and WesTrac’s fruitful partnership.

“The WesTrac sales team, David in particular, went above and beyond in recommending the correct and application-specific machine for our operation,” Robin says. “Our relationship with David is built on mutual understanding of our business model and understanding of our day-to-day operations.”

David says building this kind of trust is vital in developing mutually beneficial, long-term working partnerships.

“Relationships in the earthmoving industry are very important,” he says. “If the customer feels like they can rely on you for advice and support, it makes their job easier, and they can concentrate on what is also most important to them which is looking after their own customers.”

Robin says Chalouhi’s relationship with WesTrac has only strengthened as the businesses have grown together over the years.

“WesTrac has played an important role in our journey and has always believed in our mission and values,” he says. “They are always by our side supporting our operational division, and have also been generous supporters of our community initiatives over the years.

“The brand alignment between Caterpillar and Chalouhi has had a positive impact on our business. We pride ourselves on quality and reliability, and for that reason, we only partner with the best.”


Make every day easy with a FitFleet CVA

A FitFleet CVA is an ongoing support and preventative maintenance agreement. Encompassing equipment health inspections, servicing, condition monitoring provided by local product experts, access to an online portal and more. A FitFleet CVA will also provide data-driven insights into the overall health, utilisation and performance of your machine. All new machine purchases come with a complimentary FitFleet Essentials agreement.

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