WesTrac Autostore™ warehousing system goes live

A new automated warehousing system has been installed at WesTrac. The Autostore™ system went live in June 2023 and helps maximise use of space and speed up picking and put away processes, in turn leading to faster turnaround times for parts distribution.

autostore Quick Facts

  • Autostore went live in June 2023
  • Autostore is powered by an artificial intelligence (A.I.)
  • Inside Autostore, there are 24 robots, operating 24/7
  • The robots pick 500 product lines per hour
  • The robots put away 100 product lines per hour, across four stations
  • Each robot has been given a unique name for easy identification
  • Pink robot #24 is called Pickerella
  • Autostore enables WesTrac to gain an additional 1,000 square meters of space
  • Installation of Autostore began in August 2022

Major Benefits

  • Fast: Small parts orders can now be retrieved within 5-10 minutes
  • Flexible: Stations be divided into large or small size, and interchanged as needed
  • Safe: Robots do the picking, keeping our people out of harm's way
  • Scalable: This solution is scalable to allow for future growth and increased customer orders

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