WesTrac Sydney speeds up parts delivery (2019)

Thanks to our new Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van, parts delivery is quicker than ever for customers in the Marulan region (NSW).

At WesTrac, our aim is to help you keep your machines – and your business – running as efficiently as possible. Whether it’s through field servicing or supplying the Cat parts you need, we’re all about getting your machines back up and running quickly, so you can Do More.

When it comes to ordering parts, we know time is of the essence. That’s why the WesTrac Sydney branch has recently invested in a dedicated van and driver to expedite parts delivery for our Marulan region customers, and offer an enhanced range of services to customers using our Sydney Click & Collect service.

Here’s a little more about the WesTrac Sydney Sprinter Van and how it will benefit you.

What is the Sprinter Van service?

Earlier this year, our Sydney branch acquired a Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van – a benchmark vehicle for safe, reliable and efficient goods transport – and a dedicated driver.

The Sprinter Van has a dual purpose: every morning, it provides fast delivery of parts to our customers in the Marulan region, and each afternoon/evening, it delivers parts ordered through the Click & Collect program to 24/7 collection lockers in Sydney metro locations.

The new click and collect van

How does the Sprinter Van benefit Marulan region customers?

Previously, parts delivery to our customers in the Marulan region involved a three-day process:

  • Day 1: Customers order a part.
  • Day 2: The part arrives at our Casula branch, to be shipped via external carrier.
  • Day 3: The part is delivered to its Marulan destination.

As part of our commitment to continuously improving our service offering, we decided it was time to make fast delivery even faster and speed up the standard two-day turnaround. With the new Sprinter Van, we’re now able to shave a whole 24 hours off the delivery process, getting your parts to you the very next day.

Here’s how parts delivery works for Marulan customers now:

  • Day 1: Customers order a part.
  • Day 2: The part arrives in Casula and is loaded onto the Sprinter Van for delivery to its Marulan destination that same day.

With this 24-hour increase in the velocity of parts delivery, our customers can reduce tech lost time by about eight hours per week – meaning that time can be converted to chargeable revenue. Furthermore, this system allows us to take the supply chain into our own hands from start to finish, ensuring our high service standards can be maintained from the moment you place an order to the moment it’s delivered.

How does the Sprinter Van benefit Sydney Click & Collect customers?

As well as speeding up delivery for our Marulan customers, the Sprinter Van also provides enhancements to our industry-first Click & Collect service.

Currently available to WesTrac Sydney customers, this service allows you to order Cat parts online and pick them up at one of our two secure lockers at Caringbah and Holroyd. With 24/7 access, you can collect your order anytime. Plus, lockers are opened with a unique access code that’s sent to you upon delivery confirmation, meaning anyone from your team can pick up parts. No PPE needed, no waiting at the parts counter – and most importantly, less travel time within Sydney!

Back of the sprinter van

Previously, parts delivery to our Click & Collect lockers was also serviced by external carriers. But with the introduction of WesTrac’s own Sprinter Van, we’re now able to offer an enhanced range of added services. The facilitation of credit returns, reman returns and SOS oil sample collection are all made much easier, and technicians in the field can receive tooling and consumable deliveries, as well as IT equipment and documents.

Overall, whether you’re one of our customers in the Marulan region or a Sydney-based Click-and-Collector, our Sprinter Van service is here to make your job a whole lot easier.

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