Our tagline is “DO MORE”. It’s how we position ourselves and functions as a distilled version of our brand promise.

Tagline Meaning

DO MORE encapsulates our brand in a very tangible, easy-to-remember and practical way. It’s aspirational, forward looking and motivational. It also means something different to every customer. One customer might be investing in an equipment solution to win the next big tender while another wants to expand into a new market. Whatever our customer’s goal is, we’re here to help them DO MORE and achieve it.

Tagline Usage

DO MORE is a communication tool that can be used on customer-facing, above-the-line, tangible assets designed to promote WesTrac’s products, services and technologies. It is mostly used in the footer of assets. Examples of this include poster advertisements and this website. It can be used in isolation or nearby the WesTrac Cat logo (provided the clearspace rule is met).

The tagline is often integrated into marketing copy and headlines, i.e. DO MORE THAN EVER BEFORE or DO MORE WITH LESS.

The tagline is also often used in social media as a hashtag: #DOMORE

tagline usage 2

Tagline Design

  • If the tagline is integrated into marketing copy and headlines, it can be the same colour as the copy/headline.
  • If the tagline is isolated, it must be black.

WesTrac Tagline

Tagline Links

DO MORE links directly to our brand framework in multiple ways. For example:

  1. Brand Purpose - DO MORE to make owning and operating equipment as easy, profitable and safe as possible for all customers. 
  2. Brand Promise - DO MORE to help customers get more from their equipment solutions.
  3. Brand Mantras - DO MORE to be attentive, professional and available to customers.
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