Celebrating the diversity of our people, for an equal opportunity workforce that feels visible and valued. The material issues we're focusing on include indigenous inclusion and diversity.

Indigenous Inclusion


Our commitment to reconciliation is at the foundation of our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). With our actions aligned to three pillars – Relationships, Respect and Opportunities.

WesTrac is committed to creating meaningful and sustainable employment opportunities and relations with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and organisations.

We also acknowledge the value our actions can play in the reconciliation movement and improving the relationship between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and non-Indigenous people.

Key Focus Areas
  • Having developed strategies and a strong established approach towards advancing reconciliation internally through education and awareness and within WesTrac’s sphere of influence including the communities in which we operate
  • Identifying and establishing employment opportunities and pathways for First Nations people
  • Identifying and establishing supplier engagement processes to increase WesTrac’s First Nations supplier pool



WesTrac’s vision is to reflect the richly diverse communities in which we operate, and celebrate the diversity of our people who feel safe to bring their authentic selves to work.

In recent years, a key focus has been to encourage and maintain female participation across all aspects of the business, with the target of achieving 25% female participation by 2025.

Initiatives such as the establishment of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, our women’s Mentorship Program, targeted recruitment campaigns including gender targets for our biannual apprentice intakes, and Inclusive Recruitment Training, are in place to help us provide an inclusive environment and meet our target.

Towards 2030, WesTrac will continue to seek to improve inclusion and diversity across the business and implement programs and initiatives aligned to our guiding principles.

Key Focus Areas
  • Supporting and enabling an inclusive culture through education and training, leadership, communication campaigns and employee resource and support groups
  • Gender equity through participation and recruitment targets, turnover tracking and support programs
  • Providing an environment where everyone feels safe, respected and where diversity is valued as a core component of WesTrac’s ongoing success

For more information on our diversity focus areas, please keep scrolling down to see information related to our values, diversity objectives, culture and affiliations.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our Values

At WesTrac we believe that a culture and an environment that embraces and respects difference results in a safe, productive, enjoyable and customer focussed workplace.

We acknowledge that diverse workgroups and inclusive practices deliver positive organisational, team and individual benefits and are clearly linked to improved profit, performance, innovation and creativity and engagement.

We make sure that we hold ourselves, and each other, accountable when it comes to promoting inclusion at work for all. Safety, Pride, and Respect make up three of our SPARC values.

Our Objectives

Our objective is to improve the diversity of WesTrac team members and provide an inclusive environment of belonging where all people including members of minority represented groups, feel they belong and can bring their whole selves to work.

We intend to achieve this through focus on these priority areas:

  • Building an inclusive culture of belonging;
  • Increasing the representation of women at WesTrac, improving gender equality and the safety of women;
  • Increasing representation of First Nations people at WesTrac and delivering our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) commitments;
  • Fostering an environment where team members feel safe and comfortable sharing/disclosing their personal circumstances with their supervisor and/or team members; and
  • Ongoing learning and training opportunities for all team members related to diversity and inclusion.
Our Culture

When we value each other and respect others’ skills and opinions – we’re Made for More. At WesTrac we are focused on building an inclusive culture where the differences of team members are acknowledged and valued for the positive impact they can have on building a safe, productive and enjoyable culture at WesTrac and the delivery of our organisational goals.

Our Inclusion Calendar celebrates and recognises significant days throughout the year that support the diversity of our team members and their families and friends.

These include International Women’s Day, Harmony Day, NAIDOC Week, Reconciliation Week, Pride Month and Wear it Purple Day.

We have D&I Committees in WA and NSW and Employee Resource and Network Groups for our LGBTQIA+ and First Nations team members and allies. These groups support the delivery of our initiatives and provide a network for team members to connect and support one another.

WesTrac maintain memberships with Work 180, Diversity Council Australia and Reconciliation WA who support us in achieving our inclusion and diversity goals.



Made for More

At WesTrac we are committed to improving gender diversity within our workplace and have set the goal to achieve 25% female* participation in our business by 2025. Women make up half of the population, so we know by focusing on increasing female representation, WesTrac will have the best and most talented people working in our business.

To achieve this goal, we are focussed on the key areas of workplace culture, recruitment, leadership, training and communication. Policy initiatives to bridge the gap include access to 12 weeks of paid parental leave, flexible working arrangements, mentorship and networking programs and learning and development.

Celebrating the achievements of women

The career opportunities at WesTrac are vast, from Operations to Finance, Sales to Learning and Development.

A career at WesTrac can take you on an exciting path. We recently learnt more about the journey of several outstanding women making their way at WesTrac.

Made for More Logo Transparent

2023 Apprentice Intake Achievement

The WesTrac WA 2023 Apprentice Intake, which closed in January 2023, was 35% female - the highest it has ever been!

WesTrac apprentices are Made for More than just today – they play a significant part in our future, and we recognise their commitment and dedication to learning and commencing a life-long career.

We're committed to improving gender diversity within our workplace and have set the goal to achieve 25% female participation in our business by 2025.

This incredible result pushes us one step closer to achieving that goal - but we still have a lot of work to do, which we'll be sharing throughout the year.

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