Fluid lab upgrade gives WesTrac customers access to cutting edge testing and diagnosis

A new cutting edge Scheduled Oil Sampling (S•O•S) laboratory established by WesTrac at its Tomago NSW headquarters has gone live, giving customers access to industry-leading testing and analysis services powered by advanced automation technology.

Recently introducing three first-of-their-kind automated instruments known as AutoLabs, WesTrac has integrated and automated six separate fluid analysis tests under the one roof, doubling testing capacity to 1,200 fluid samples per day, as well as increasing efficiency, accuracy and, turnaround time.

As well as the integration of six testing steps into one instrument, WesTrac has introduced automated interpretation software known “AutoA”, which releases ‘no action required’ samples without the requirement of manual technician intervention, allowing for WesTrac’s highly trained interpreters to focus solely on customer samples requiring action, offering their expert recommendations.

Each of the AutoLab instruments integrate tools for visual inspection, particle quantification, infrared spectrometry, particle counting, viscometer and dilution. The instruments allow WesTrac laboratory technicians to perform advanced tests including the newly offered Fast Patch2Go, Ferrograph and, Filtergram Analysis tests.

General Manager Resource Industries NSW/ACT Jody Scott said the new AutoLab instruments provide customers with advanced testing that increases result accuracy and improves the turnaround time for fluid sample analysis results.

“Our enhanced service comes inclusive of an expert recommendation to customers on how to address any fluid-related issues with their machinery and equipment, pushing WesTrac ahead of the competition in the fluid analysis sector.”

“Having this level of sophistication and speed in fluid analysis provides enormous benefits, particularly for large scale mining customers that have high volume requirements of this service to ensure equipment is running optimally and reducing downtime.”

S•O•S is a critical part of machinery and fleet condition monitoring, and at WesTrac is now among a growing number of condition monitoring, maintenance and part supply services powered by automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Mr Scott said the AutoLab instruments highlight WesTrac’s ongoing commitment to, and investment in, automation and AI-powered solutions in-house, providing clear benefits to customers across the mining and construction industries.

“Housed adjacent to WesTrac’s recently opened Technology Experience Centre and AI-powered AutoStore, this new and improved fluid analysis offering complements our growing technology and data-driven support available for customers.”

Download Images

  1. Download - The WesTrac NSW Fluid Sampling Team
  2. Download - WesTrac provides industry-leading fluid testing and analysis services
  3. Download - The automated fluid sampling instrument known as an AutoLab
  4. Download - Close up look at the automated AutoLab in action
  5. Download - AutoLab has doubled capacity to 1,200 samples per day

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