Buying used construction equipment

Buying used construction equipment from used machinery dealers can save you money and time in the construction process. Used machinery, such as second-hand Cat equipment, can often be a more cost-effective option than buying new.

the right equipment at a reasonable price

In miningconstruction, forestry, landscaping, agriculture and numerous other industries, heavy equipment and machinery is your life blood. Whether you’re an owner or manager in such a business, you need to weigh up the pros and cons of investing in new or used equipment. Finding the right equipment for the job at a reasonable price and in a timely manner is vital.

If time and money are of the essence, a good option is to buy used equipment. The obvious reservation is that it may not deliver the same level of productivity, safety or efficiency as a new machine, but with Caterpillar and WesTrac, these risks are mitigated. WesTrac stocks a range of second-hand Cat equipment, much of it available through the Cat certified used program which ensures quality and value go hand in hand. Whether you’re in the market for a single machine or a fleet of used construction equipment, there are several benefits - and not just from a time and cost perspective. Think resale value and sustainability benefits among other things.

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Used equipment helps build successful Bizz 

Growth has come steadily and organically for Bizz’s Farm, Forestry and Civil Contracting. WesTrac has been there each step of the way, helping Bizz buy and maintain a fleet of used equipment.

Bizz's Farm, Forestry and Civil Contracting

Advantages of used equipment

There are many advantages to buying used construction machinery and equipment, including:

Save money

Heavy equipment accounts for a large portion of the spend in construction and one way to cut costs is to buy used machinery. Buying used construction equipment not only costs less and has less depreciation, but choosing the right equipment, backed with a suitable warranty, could help you do an equally good job at lower cost. Another benefit is that older models may use technology your operators are already familiar with, reducing potential training overheads.

Wider selection

There are typically more options to choose from when you’re shopping for used construction equipment. When you’re not buying new, there’s also often less lead time with getting the machine imported, built and commissioned, so you can get on with the job sooner than if waiting for new equipment.

Less depreciation

As soon as you buy new construction equipment, its value significantly depreciates. That means the difference between the initial price and the resale value can be considerably more. If you choose to buy used equipment, it means less outlay upfront and chances are you can recoup a good portion of those costs if reselling.

More sustainable

Sustainability is vital to operate successfully in today’s business world. And while some older equipment may not deliver quite the same efficiencies as newer machines, when properly serviced and maintained, extending the useful life of equipment is far more sustainable than building brand new machinery. Buying used construction equipment is one way to assist in reducing your carbon footprint.

the right choice

Buy used equipment with confidence

Looking for the right machine If you are considering options to buy used construction equipment, the first place to start is to contact WesTrac to find out about the range of quality Cat equipment on offer, or to let us know your requirements so we can help you source the right machine. You can rest assured every piece of used machinery for sale through WesTrac has been thoroughly inspected, has full service history and can be backed with warranties and our optional FitFleet customer value agreements.

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