Cat Rotary Drills

Efficiently drilled blast holes are the foundation of profitable mining. The new Cat® MD6200, MD6250 and MD6310 rotary drills use less fuel and provide unprecedented power and control.

Cat Rotary Drills Technology

Cat Command for Drilling

This technology leverages remote and autonomous drill operation and serves as the off-board technology foundation of the drill. Scalable solutions allow you to select the precise level of drilling automation to match operating needs.

The Drill Assist option executes all major functions for single pass drilling. Drill Assist automatically adapts and adjusts drill power to match the ground conditions, which streamlines the entire drill cycle and lengthens bit life.

Cat Terrain for Drilling

This technology guides the drill for up to four times greater pattern accuracy to ensure every hole is accurately placed and drilled to plan.

The Terrain logging function ensures all production is timed, mapped and recorded, and the HP GPS navigation ensures accurate hole placement, proper hole depth calculated and adjusted based on altitude, and proper hole angle through orienting the drill heading and position.

Remote Operation
One remote operator station allows an operator to manage drill operations and run up to three machines simultaneously.

Cat MD6200

  • Blast holes up to 200mm
  • Cat C18 ACERT engine
  • Smallest, most transportable drill in-class
  • Excavator style undercarriage
  • Bit loads up to 16,964kg (37,400 lbf)
Cat MD6200 Rotary Drill

Cat MD6250

  • Blast holes up to 250mm
  • Cat C27 ACERT engine
  • 11.2m mast depths: up to 53.6m
  • 13.6m mast depths: up to 37.9m
  • Bit loads up to 32,655 kg (72,000 lbf)
Cat MD6250 Rotary Drill

Cat MD6310

  • Blast holes up to 311mm
  • Cat C32 ACERT engine
  • 13.7m mast depths: up to 62.5m
  • 17.5m mast depths: up to 48m
  • Bit loads up to 42,149kg (92,922 lbf)
Cat MD6310 Rotary Drill

Cat Rotary Drills

Tomorrow's Drills, Here Right Now


The MD6200, MD6250 and MD6310’s powerful Cat ACERT engines are coupled with the right hydraulics and compressors for maximum output. Variable volume control on the compressor means air output and engine speed can be limited – saving you fuel.


Cat Rotary Drills come with Drill Assist which automatically adjusts drill power to match the ground conditions. Upgrade to Cat MineStar™ Terrain for Drilling to increase pattern accuracy up to four times and MineStar Command for Drilling to manage multiple machines.


Operators will value the ergonomic cabin in the MD6200, MD6250 and MD6310. All feature large windows for greater visibility, drill depth indicator, and virtual head stops and interlocks to protect the machine and the operator.

The Foundation of Profitable Mining


The MD6200, MD6250 and MD6310 are built from 100-percent Cat components and rely on proven Cat designs and Cat Service Information Systems. You can also depend on support from the Cat distribution network.


Cat Electronic Technician diagnostic software makes interfacing with your drill a breeze. It allows technicians to easily access data, troubleshoot and perform product configuration, helping you to maximise uptime.


Collaboration the key to seamless project for Ausdrill

A partnership approach throughout the delivery, commissioning and ongoing operation of four new Cat® MD6250 Rotary Blasthole Drills has been the key to success for Ausdrill.
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