Farming Wheel Loader

WesTrac offer a wide range of Cat® Wheel Loaders suitable for farming in rural New South Wales and Western Australia. Browse this page if you're looking for a farming wheel loader.

Wheel loaders are one of the most popular machine types in the Australian agriculture industry. A wheel loader is the perfect machine for quickly and efficiently moving a variety of materials around a farm. 

From compact to large, we offer a wide range of wheel loaders suited to every type of farm. Whether you're in charge of a large cattle operation or growing crops, a wheel loader will help you maximise performance across your farm and increase profits.

Farming Wheel Loader Types

Compact Wheel Loaders

Suitable for very small farms, with an owner-operator, that require navigating through narrow terrains and tight spaces (in between fencing, barns and houses). If you want a wheel loader that won't disrupt crops, check out this range.

Small Wheel Loaders

Suitable for small farms that require navigating over rough terrains, but not necessarily tight spaces. If you need a wheel loader to do a variety of jobs around your farm with different attachments, we recommend checking out this range. This is the most popular size for farmers in New South Wales and Western Australia.

Medium Wheel Loaders

Suitable for medium-size farming operations that have a requirement to move material fast to make a profit. If you've got a large cattle operation or dairy farm, we recommend checking out this range.

Large Wheel Loaders

Suitable for large farming operations that require movement of extreme loads across all types of terrain, at high speed, for maximum efficiency. If your profit is directly tied to the amount of material you need moved, we recommend checking out this range.

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Range of farming attachments for your wheel loader

WesTrac offer a wide range of high-quality Cat attachments that are suitable for the farming industry. The most popular agriculture attachments include bale grabs, bale spears, utility grapple forks, silage defacers and compact buckets.
Farm Wheel Loader

Parts for your farming wheel loader

With over 75,000+ product lines of genuine Cat® parts stocked across our large branch network, 24/7 online ordering of over 1.4m Cat parts from Parts.Cat.Com, a dedicated Customer Service Centre and the nation's biggest Parts Distribution Centre, WesTrac is able to offer you a cost-effective parts solution to keep your farming wheel loader working around the clock, without costing you a fortune.
Farming Wheel Loaders

Construction White Paper

Safety in Construction

The construction sector has a notoriously bad record when it comes to safety performance. But advances in equipment, processes and technology, coupled with improved training and greater general awareness of risk factors, are helping enhance safety outcomes while also delivering improvements in productivity, accuracy and efficiency.

In this whitepaper, we look at how technological innovation is helping the construction sector continuously improve safety performance.

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