FitFleet Phase 2, Sprint 1 Release (August 2021)

Read the latest development release notes for the FitFleet Customer Portal.

FitFleet Phase 2, Sprint 1 Release (August 2021)

August 2021 saw the release of the new Notification Dashboard and associated functionalities as part of its Phase 2 stage. This was the first release under this stage of portal development.

A summary of this release is below:

Notifications Popup Display  New notifications display in a bell icon to notify customers of news/alerts/updates Enhancement 
Notifications CTA   Clicking on bell icon takes customer to Notification Dashboard showing latest alerts and updates  Enhancement
Notification Number Display  Bell Icon displays a number in a red icon which signifies number of unread notifications/alerts to customer . Number updates with each new and relevant customer notification added to the portal. Enhancement 
Notification Dashboard New dashboard with Alerts and Updates Tiles   Enhancement
 Alerts Tile  All added notifications added to the Alerts Tile for display when customer enters Notification Dashboard Enhancement 
Notification Tile Clicks   When customer clicks notification entries on Alerts and Updates Tiles it will unbold in the tiles and the number displayed on bell tile, remove red dot next to alert and tile UNREAD tabs is decremented Enhancement 
Unread Tabs   Featured in both the Alerts and Updates Tiles, displays items that haven't been interacted with by the customer Enhancement 
"Mark as Unread" CTA   Clicking this CTA under each item in tile "All" tabs will re-add red dot, rebold the individual item and remove it from "Unread" tabs Enhancement 
"Go To ..." CTA   Redirects to relevant data tile on home dashboard from individual notification in Alerts and Updates tiles Enhancement 
"View Details" CTA
  • Clicking on an entry in the Updates Tile will show a copy description of the update with a CTA to "View Details" 
  • Clicking on the CTA itself displays a popup with full update details
Notifications Activity   At time of login any new notifications since last login will display as a new unread item, and is added to count in red bell icon display Enhancement 
Email/SMS Notifications 
  • Account Details Dashboard features a new tile allowing customer to set their SMS and Email notification options
  • Can turn SMS or Email notifications on or off for Finance, Fleet, Maintenance, Parts and Admin (dependent on account user permissions)
  • Accounts default to no notifications on until a customer chooses opt-in or opt-out to SMS/Email notifications in the Account Details Notifications Tile

We are excited to announce these features.

Whilst we continue to deliver new updates to the customer portal, email us anytime at with any feedback or enquiries.



Enhancement = new feature or function

Optimisation = improvement of an existing feature or function


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