FitFleet Phase 2, Sprint 2 Release (September 2021)

Read the latest development release notes for the FitFleet Customer Portal.

FitFleet Phase 2, Sprint 2 Release (September 2021)

September 2021 saw the release of new features and functionality to the FitFleet Portal in its Phase 2 stage. This was the second release under this stage of portal development.

A summary of this release is below:

Email Notifications  Newly created users default to having email notifications enabled when their account is created  Optimisation
 Add/ Remove Users If they are an Organisation Admin user, customers can add or remove users from the Finance, Admin, Fleet and Maintenance user groups   Enhancement 
Credit Limit Tile  New Finance tile allows customers view their current credit level, credit usage and percentage of credit usage  Enhancement 
 Core Returns Tile New Parts tile allows customers to view a list of their outstanding core returns  Enhancement 
PIP/PSP Alerts  Where a customer machine has an outstanding PIP/PSP alert it is indicated in the "All Machines" list in the Total Assets tile  Optimisation 
Request a Service   As a customer in the FitFleet Plan and Total Asset tiles there is a CTA option to "Request a Service" under each of their machines  Optimisation
 Annual Finance Graphs  Annual Finance Graphs displayed in financial year rather than calendar year in the Monthly Statement and Invoice History Tile  Optimisation

We are excited to announce these features.

Whilst we continue to deliver new updates to the customer portal, email us anytime at with any feedback or enquiries.



Enhancement = new feature or function

Optimisation = improvement of an existing feature or function


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