Large Cat® Excavators

Caterpillar® is helping operators complete large-scale projects on time and within budget. With robust features and cutting-edge technology, the broad Cat® excavator range delivers reliable and high-performance excavators for diverse mining and construction needs.

Large excavators are heavy-duty construction and mining machines designed for digging and earthmoving tasks at a substantial scale. These huge excavators cater to diverse needs, providing efficiency and power in projects of varying levels. Some of the projects that are suited to a large excavator include:

  • Demolition work (big sites)
  • Digging foundations for large structures like shopping centres or apartments
  • Material handling (large volume)
  • Removing debris (large volume)
  • Excavation work in hard-to-reach locations
  • Dredging large amounts of material from waterways
  • Mining

What makes the Cat range unique is the Cat Technology, power, speed and fuel efficiency.

If you are looking for a large excavator for sale or rent, or if you need an excavator attachment to suit your needs, you’ve come to the right place.

WesTrac has a wide Cat excavator range to help you find the right excavator types to suit your specific business needs.

Need an excavator?

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equipment management made easy

Chalouhi takes advantage of FitFleet

Chalouhi is a construction business with a large fleet of Cat excavators ranging up to 50 tonnes. To maximise productivity and minimise machine downtime, they rely on WesTrac’s FitFleet® Premium Customer Value Agreements (CVA). These agreements provide Chalouhi with a big range of benefits including fleet management insights, regular fluid sampling, expert maintenance and advanced machine diagnostics.

other options

Rent or buy a used large Cat excavator

Large Excavator Hire

If you’re one of our WA, NSW and ACT customers, WesTrac offers large excavator hire.

Securing a large Cat excavator is as simple as filling out a ‘Request to Rent’ form at the below link.

Explore our extensive range of different types of excavators available for hire at any of our convenient locations.

Used Large Excavators

Via CatUsed.Cat.Com, WesTrac also offers a selection of high-quality used large excavators for sale, providing cost-effective solutions for your heavy equipment needs.

Equipment has been rigorously inspected to meet strict Caterpillar standards, so our inventory is high quality, reliable and ready to do the work #LetsDoTheWorK

Safety and Attachments

Safety tips when operating a large excavator

Efficient operation of a large excavator demands skilled control, ensuring precision and safety for optimal excavation results.

When operating a larger model excavator, remember these safety tips:

  • Support structures when digging near sidewalks
  • Avoid digging under an excavator
  • Keep the cab clean for clear visibility
  • Operate smoothly by avoiding sharp turns
  • Lower the bucket when parked
  • Travel directly up slopes
  • Plan your machine's route to be as flat as possible
  • If time allows, plan machine movement in advance
  • Observe equipment weight limits
  • Lower the bucket for better visibility while driving
  • Check blind spots before moving
  • Report safety hazards promptly
  • Be diligent when it comes to preventative maintenance and repairs (FitFleet)
  • Always wear a seatbelt
  • Conduct regular fluid sampling (or let WesTrac take care of this for you)
  • Wear proper PPE including hard-hat, safety vest and ear protection
  • Consult site plans and contact utility companies before digging
Attachments for your large Cat excavator

From drilling to scooping, sweeping to shovelling, WesTrac has a huge range of large excavator attachments to cater your needs.

The most common attachment for large Cat excavators is heavy duty excavator buckets.


Designed for swift material movement, Cat heavy duty buckets efficiently handle mixed dirt, clay, and rock, enhancing productivity while ensuring durability. Engineered with optimised shapes and angles, these buckets save time and fuel costs. Whether directly pinned or coupled for versatility, Caterpillar provides the right bucket for optimal digging and loading with your Cat excavator.

Bucket types include:

  • Clean-Up
  • Digging
  • Ditch Cleaning
  • Extreme / Heavy / General / Utility Duty
  • Grading
  • Nordic Grading
  • Tilting Ditch

If you are unsure which bucket is the best suited to the projects you have coming up, get in touch with our team.

fluid sampling

Protect your large Cat excavators' performance and value

The Cat® S•O•S™ Services Program is a mutual commitment to protect your large excavator's performance and value. The Program combines the simple process of fluid sampling with state-of-the-art analysis and clear reporting via Cat S•O•S Web. By fluid sampling with WesTrac, you’ll see what’s going on inside your excavator and detect problems before they become serious, enabling optimised performance.

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