Mini Excavators: The Scoop on Safety

Ensuring the safety of operators and those working around Cat® mini excavators is a critical aspect of any construction and excavation work. Our specialised team is committed to prioritising safety and promoting safe practices in Cat mini excavator machine operations. At WesTrac, we provide top-tier equipment but also empower operators with the knowledge and guidance needed to execute their tasks safely and efficiently, providing a safe and secure work environment.

mini excavator safety

We want to keep you, your people and your equipment safe. It’s why our specialist teams are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to keep your operations running smoothly and safely.

At WesTrac, we like to help educate our customers on mini excavator safety, including how to operate a mini excavator to reach peak operating performance while maintaining site safety. It’s a service we offer to make sure our customer feels comfortable and confident with our high-quality Cat equipment.

A Cat Mini Excavator is well known for its superior performance and with a complete range of machines available, there’s a powerful Cat mini excavator for nearly any task.

Whether you are looking to buy or upgrade your mini excavator, WesTrac has you covered.

Cat Mini Excavator

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play it safe

Safety tips and features for a Cat Mini Excavator

A Cat Mini Excavator is high performing, with strong durability and adaptability for a diverse range of tasks. However, to reach optimal productivity, safety of the operator is key.

To guarantee optimal working conditions for both the operator and machine, check out our mini excavator safety checklist:

  • Gear up: Kit up in the full PPE gear – high-vis vest, boots, hat and glasses. Gloves and ear protection might be necessary
  • Three-point entry/exit: Maintain three points of contact when getting on or off your mini excavator
  • Buckle up: The single most effective step you can take to protect yourself while operating any machinery is strapping on your seatbelt
  • Engage the safety interlock: Mini excavators are equipped with a safety interlock, so lift it to secure your exit and prevent accidental movements that could harm you
  • Camera vision: Some mini excavators include cameras for an extra layer of security
  • Blade position while digging: Proper blade positioning is key for stability to prevent tipping

Choosing the right Cat Mini Excavator


With such a large range of Cat mini excavators, attachments and technologies, choosing the right combination of equipment for your business can be challenging.

Our sales team is on hand to discuss your business requirements and to learn more about the types of jobs you’re wanting to tackle in the future.

Huge range. Minimal hassle.


As the exclusive new Cat machinery supplier in WA, NSW and ACT, we have a range of mini excavators for sale in Australia.

We also offer used mini excavators for sale providing cost saving benefits to our customers.


WesTrac customers get access to a wide selection of new and used mini excavator attachments available on Parts.Cat.Com which allows you to easily expand the capacity of your mini excavator to take on a number of tasks, diversify your business and pick up new work.


If you are looking for a new or used Cat mini excavator for your earthmoving business and don’t know where to start, our large team of mini excavator experts can help you choose one that meets your requirements.

Just fill out this form and the local WesTrac rep in your area will be in touch.

expand your excavator applications

Attachments provide versatility

There’s a multitude of attachments to suit excavators of all sizes. From trenching and backfilling, to hole boring, compaction, lifting and mulching, your excavator can become your greatest asset when partners with the right attachments. What is more, Cat’s excavator couplers allow you to quickly and easily swap from one attachment to the next, helping enhance productivity and efficiency.

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