Preventative maintenance for Cat® Wheel Loaders

Keeping on top of maintenance tasks will ensure you can get the best from you Cat® Wheel Loader – and preventative maintenance is the best way to reduce unplanned downtime and keep your machine running efficiently and productively at all times.

Cat® Wheel Loaders are likely to be among the hardest working machines in your fleet and regular preventive maintenance is crucial for keeping these workhorses operating safely, productively and efficiently.

Staying proactive when it comes to maintenance is the best way to minimise risk of unplanned downtime and saves money in the long run because it’s typically more cost effective to prevent a problem than to fix one.

Understanding a few basics in regards to regular checks and maintenance routines will allow you to identify potential issues, make the most of planned work stoppages and keep operating optimally.

Regardless of what you run, a bit of basic knowhow will keep your machines running at their best, from the 906K Compact Wheel Loader to the mighty 994K largest wheel loader in the Cat® range.

Need help with wheel loader maintenance?

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stay on top of your game

Preventative maintenance is the cure

Knowing what’s required in the way of pre-and post-use daily inspections and preventative maintenance requirements will ensure your Cat® Wheel Loader stays at the top if its game. A great option is to take advantage of WesTrac’s service offerings, such as our FitFleet® Customer Value Agreements, which provide varying levels of support while you focus on getting the job done.

FitFleet Service Agreements

Significant maintenance savings

Next Gen Innovation

The innovative design of Cat Next Gen Wheel Loaders (like the 966 and 972) extends maintenance intervals. To achieve this, integrated (and optional) Autolube reduces daily maintenance and increases component service life. In addition to this, they come with convenient access to hydraulic and electric service areas, which makes servicing fast and easy. All these design updates reduce maintenance costs up to 15%.

XE Models Reduce Maintenance Costs Even More

XE model Cat Wheel Loaders reduce maintenance costs by up to 25%, whereas a standard non-XE Next Gen model reduces maintenance costs by up to 15%. XE models provide an added 10% benefit here that adds up over time. If you plan on utilising your Wheel Loader long-term, it makes sense to choose an XE model.

fluid sampling

Protect your wheel loader's performance and value

The Cat® S•O•S™ Services Program is a mutual commitment to protect your wheel loader's performance and value. The Program combines the simple process of fluid sampling with state-of-the-art analysis and clear reporting via Cat S•O•S Web. By fluid sampling with WesTrac, you’ll see what’s going on inside your wheel loader and detect problems before they become serious, enabling optimised performance.

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