Cat® Next Gen Wheel Loaders


This is the next generation of Cat Wheel Loaders - built to accommodate a big range of job requirements. Whether your focus is driving down cost p/h, raising the bar on performance and fuel efficiency or hitting big, bold production and cost targets, there’s a new Cat Next Gen Wheel Loader with your name on it. Explore the full range today and find the right Wheel Loader for your business and budget.


Major Benefits

  • Up to 35% Reduced Fuel Consumption (XE Models)*
  • Up to 15% Lower Maintenance Costs (Standard Models)*
  • Up to 25% Lower Maintenance Costs (XE Models)*
  • Up to 10% More Productivity**
  • Cat Payload with Assist - Autodig (watch video below)

*Compared to previous model. Percentage changes slightly depending on the model.
**Compared to first M series.


The Next Gen Difference

  • Automatic Climate Control
  • Operator ID
  • High Resolution Displays
  • Multi-View (360°) Camera
  • More Legroom
  • Next Gen Seat
  • Operator Controls Help System
  • Selectable Job Aids

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All the features. All the choices. All the production. The next generation of Cat® Wheel Loaders redefines “fully loaded.”

Every Next Gen loader combines what you love about previous models with industry-leading fuel efficiency plus lower maintenance costs and an operator-first design.

Whatever your application, goals or budget, there’s a new Cat Wheel Loader ready to help you work more efficiently and profitably.

Cat Next Gen Small / Compact Wheel Loader Family

  • Coming Soon

Cat Next Gen Medium Wheel Loader Family

Cat Next Gen Large Wheel Loader Family

  • Coming Soon

Next Gen loaders are highly productive with integrated Cat Payload, new Autodig, low-effort controls, an all-new cab and extended service intervals.

These premium loaders give you all that and more, including a continuous variable transmission (Hydraulic Parallel Path Variable Transmission [HPPV] - XE's only) that delivers huge gains in fuel efficiency.

Cat Next Gen 972 Wheel Loader



XE models feature a parallel path continuous variable transmission (CVT) that increases fuel efficiencies up to 35% compared to the previous 980M and 982M powershift models; when comparing tons of material moved per gallon of fuel burned. You'll save heaps on fuel.

XE models also reduce maintenance costs by up to 25%, whereas a standard non-XE Next Gen model reduces maintenance costs by up to 15%. XE models provide an added 10% benefit here that adds up over time. If you plan on utilising your Wheel Loader long-term, it makes sense to choose an XE model.

In addition, productivity will increase by up to 10% when compared with the M series.

Cat Next Gen Medium Wheel Loader Family

  • Cat 980 XE*
  • Cat 982 XE*
*Available late 2022. Enquire now to ensure you are notified immediately when XE models are available to order.

Cat Next Gen Wheel Loader XE Model


When Western Australian iron ore mining company Fenix Resources was looking to improve efficiency and productivity at its material handling and ship loading facilities, the Cat 982 Next Generation Wheel Loader proved to be a smart investment.

Cat Trial 11: Hot Wheels®

Next Gen Cat Wheel Loaders redefine what it means to be fully loaded – with high production and low-cost-per-ton performance.

You want powerful digging, accurate loads, fast cycle times, great technology and fuel efficiency? These Wheel Loaders will give you all that and more and were integral in the making of Cat Trial 11: Hot Wheels®.


Cat Payload* with Assist comes standard on some Next Gen Wheel Loader models. It provides an accurate weighing of bucket payloads, so operators can load to target the first time, every time.

This new technology includes low-lift-weigh and manual tip-off functions. Optional Cat Advanced Payload* expands the system’s functionality with lists management, multitask & manual add modes and tip-off assist.

The new Cat Autodig with auto set tires promotes proper loading technique to significantly reduce tire slip and loading time. It can automate the complete bucket loading cycle to deliver consistently high bucket fill factors for up to 10% more productivity.

Standard along with Autodig and auto set tires, Next Gen models introduce application-profiles, in which the press of one button sets multiple machine parameters to optimise settings for the application at hand.

Customised profiles can be created to fit customer-specific cases. Selectable on-screen job aids, along with a streamlined new controls layout, promotes ease of operation to help all operators be more productive.

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