One-touch Idle and Turtle and Rabbit Speeds


Your Cat machine’s one-touch idle and turtle and rabbit modes are all about working smarter and more efficiently.

These different modes will quickly become your best friend, each being suited to different tasks. Check out our TeamYellow tips video below to learn how using the right mode for the job will not only get through your workday more efficiently, but can help save fuel too, leading to more money in your back pocket.

One-touch idle

  • Allows you to go back to idle from a higher rpm setting to idle
  • When you want to exit the machine, you don't have to touch the throttle control, just push the button and the machine will switch to idle

Turtle Speed mode

  • Best for slow travelling across a jobsite or;
  • Or when operating in a tight, enclosed area

Rabbit Speed mode

  • Best for travelling across the jobsite quickly

Whether you need to idle and save fuel, step it up a gear in turtle speed mode or motor along at speed like a rabbit, the mode and speed selection provides you with the perfect secret for operating success.

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