Unleash peak performance with engine rebuilds

WesTrac offers a variety of Cat certified rebuild solutions for every budget, usage and timeline to keep your machine moving. A Cat Certified engine rebuild will breathe new life into your aging machine. Your machine can boast a “good-as-new” status, all at a remarkably low cost that is 40% less than investing in a brand-new machine.

level up your aging machine

An engine rebuild service involves disassembling, inspecting and refurbishing components to restore performance, reliability and longevity, ensuring optimal functionality.

Engine reconditioning using a rebuild strategy is the most cost-effective way to ensure a full service life from a mining machine and its major components.

If you’re looking to level up your aging machine, WesTrac has the experience, genuine Cat parts backed by warranty, and service support to meet your operation needs.

Interested in a rebuild?

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good as new

Benefits of rebuilding an engine

WesTrac offers a range of Cat Certified Rebuilds to increase capacity in construction and mining operations and reduce significant maintenance costs.

Choosing an engine repair with WesTrac carries many benefits including:

  • Restored performance bringing your machine back up to optimal performance levels
  • Genuine Cat parts for increased longevity
  • Cost-effective engine replacement solutions
  • Extended factory warranty assurance, with new parts warranty on all replaced parts
  • Tailored Caterpillar solutions including latest engineering and Cat technology updates
  • Service from experts who have vast experience with rebuilt engines
  • FitFleet Essentials Customer Value Agreement (CVA)

For more information on repair levels and associated engine rebuild costs, fill in the form above and a member of our team will be in touch.

rebuilding from the ground up

Give your machine a new lease on life

Time for an engine replacement? Maximise your machine and investment by exploring our wide range of engine rebuild options.

  • Engine Component Rebuild
  • Hydraulic Component Rebuild
  • Powertrain Component Rebuild

Want to know more about each type of rebuild? Get in touch with our team.


Rebuilding our first Cat R3000H Underground Loader

Back in 2020, WesTrac Bathurst rebuilt the dealership's first Cat R3000H Underground Loader. It was rebuilt at 30,000 hours and will now do another 30,000; all for 65% of the price of a new machine. We've done a lot since then, but's interesting to look back and see what was achieved.

Three reasons to consider an engine rebuild solution

If you think it’s time to consider an engine rebuild and partner with WesTrac, you can expect our expert advice and service to ensure you have a tailored solution that is just right for you.


WesTrac can give you an affordable engine rebuild price, resulting in a budget-friendly, like-new performance from your machine.


Our experts assess each Cat Certified Rebuild with a thorough on-site inspection by our field service technicians to ensure your machine gets the tailored engine reconditioning it needs.


As an authorised Caterpillar® dealer, maximise your investment with our tested Cat Rebuilds for optimal durability and reliability.


Have a chat with WesTrac

If you’re still not sure about engine reconditioning and what level of engine rebuild your machine needs, the friendly team at WesTrac are ready to help.

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