Complimentary Webinar: Safety in construction

Safety is everyone’s business and being safe in the workplace is everyone’s right. The construction sector is one area where that focus on safety requires particular attention given the inherent risks associated with construction sites and the nature of the work undertaken on them.

safety in construction webinar

In this complimentary webinar,  Daracon Group Divisional Manager Plant and Transport Cory Hay joins an expert panel to explore some of the ways in which people, process and technology are coming together to realise continuous improvement in safety performance.


  • Cory Hay, Divisional Manager Plant and Transport, Daracon Group
  • Gaston Chan, Customer Performance Manager, WesTrac
  • Jenny Krasny, Operational Risk Consultant, Caterpillar
  • Nakia Brewer, Technology and Solutions Manager, WesTrac


  • Factors contributing to safety risk in construction
  • Taking a top down and bottom up approach to managing risk
  • The role of equipment and technology in managing and mitigating risk
  • The importance of data collection and analysis to inform process and innovation
  • Practical examples of bringing people, process and technology together
  • Potential future directions for ongoing safety improvement

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Cory Hay

Cory is the Divisional Manager for Plant and Transport at Daracon Group, based in Newcastle (NSW). Prior to his role at Daracon, Cory managed plant at John Holland for over three years and before that he was an Operations Manager and Area Manager at Coates Hire.
Cory Hay from Daracon

Jenny Krasny

With over 15 years’ consulting experience, Jenny has led some of Australia’s most respected mining, construction, engineering and manufacturing organisations through strategy development, safety culture change / change management, executive coaching and leadership development. A dynamic and engaging Senior Safety Consultant at Caterpillar, Jenny Krasny is a passionate facilitator and coach.
Jenny Krasny from Caterpillar

Nakia Brewer

Nakia has been the Technology and Solutions Manager for WesTrac (NSW/ACT) since 2009. Nakia manages the sale, development, implementation and ongoing support of technology-enabled solutions for WesTrac customers, both in mining and construction industries. These solutions are geared at providing benefits to customers related to safety, sustainability and productivity.
Nakia Brewer from WesTrac

Gaston Chan

Gaston started his career on the tools as an engineer back in 2003, working in Product Design and Field Engineering based roles before moving into various solutions-based roles at Caterpillar from 2011 to 2017. He then spent over three years at Hitachi working in business development and customer standards, before making the move to WesTrac in 2020. At WesTrac, Gaston manages various teams to ensure our customers are getting the best possible performance from their machinery.
Gaston Chan from WesTrac



Our 'Safety in Construction' webinar is a follow-up to our 2021 whitepaper of the same name.

Here are the topics explored in that paper. 

  • Why Safety Matters: An introduction to safety
  • An Unenviable Record: A look at fatalities in the Australian construction industry
  • Addressing Key Areas: A look at what the focus areas for safety are today
  • Top Down and Bottom Up Approach: A discussion on what approach needs to be taken
  • Getting Down to the Technicalities: An introduction to the latest safety technologies
  • Looking to the Future: An insight into what the future holds for safety in construction

Daracon Case Study

This whitepaper also includes an in-depth case study featuring Daracon Group that takes a look at how safety is intrinsic to their success.


In addition to the discussion topics and case study, our 2021 'Safety in Construction' whitepaper also includes two feature articles:

Cat® Connected Worker

Experts from Caterpillar provide an overview of Cat Connected Worker - a collection of smart, wearable technologies that can be used on any construction site to greatly improve safety. These technologies will be rolled out throughout 2022.

Evolution of 3D Technology

This article provides an overview of all the 3D technologies currently being utilised by the construction industry including 3D Imaging, Modelling and Rendering, Photogrammetry and Mapping, Laser Scanning, Printing and Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

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