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No matter which Cat® MineStar™ technologies you use, your mine is constantly generating data — every machine, every cycle, every second. It helps you to make better decisions and optimise your planning, productivity, maintenance and more. But that amount of data can be intimidating, especially when it’s gathered and reported by multiple systems using different interfaces.

What if you could access all your data in one place? What if you could view reports from multiple technology solutions simultaneously — all in one clean, intuitive and easy-to use interface?

With Cat MineStar Reporting, you can.

What is Cat MineStar Reporting?

MineStar Reporting is a revolutionary data visualisation and reporting tool focused on integrating data gathered from other Cat MineStar solutions and consolidating it into a single, unified interface.

Historically, each Cat MineStar technology gathered and presented its data using custom reporting tools specific to that capability — FLEET data is presented one way, while TERRAIN data looks completely different. Some solutions could be extended, others could not.

MineStar Reporting integrates the data gathered by your MineStar technologies — and even systems provided by other vendors — into a comprehensive database that can be accessed on any web-enabled device. You can create custom dashboards designed to put the right data in the right hands, and create automated email reports to ensure all data is received at the right time. And since all data is housed in a single repository independent of any one solution, you don’t risk losing valuable historical data when you update or change your technology systems.

It’s a flexible, scalable solution that allows you to simplify reporting of the data you currently gather while leaving space open for future solutions when you’re ready to adopt new technologies. The solution also offers upgrades to connect other mining data sources for more comprehensive analysis.

MineStar Reporting is currently available for FLEET, HEALTH, COMMAND and TERRAIN, and we continue to include solutions for the rest of the Cat MineStar family. To keep up-to-date on the full MineStar Reporting roadmap, please visit Caterpillar's website.

What are the benefits?

MineStar Reporting can:

  • consolidate data from disparate sources into a managed environment;
  • remove duplication and inconsistencies;
  • reduce the maintenance impact of legacy spreadsheets;
  • remove the overhead of spreadsheet cut and paste;
  • provide a globally designed database for consistent application of metrics and calculations;
  • automate routine reporting;
  • expose data to optimisation tools;
  • measure business improvements easily;
  • highlight constraints in process flows;
  • conduct time-frame analysis;
  • provide spatial and temporal data visualisations to any device; and
  • shorten reaction time to exceptions.

Is Cat MineStar Reporting suitable for my operation?

Cat MineStar Reporting is a solution designed for any mining organisation already utilising one or more MineStar solutions (currently Fleet, Health, Command and Terrain). 

How do I get MineStar Reporting?

To begin accessing all the benefits that come with MineStar Reporting you'll need to get in touch with our Technology Team.

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