Together, we're mining better

Caterpillar and WesTrac will help you navigate the changing mining industry — not only as an equipment provider but as a partner in your performance. Together, we're mining better.


The business of mining is constantly changing. You’re navigating global challenges, chasing new ore bodies, seeking out talented employees, adapting to meet regulations, working to minimise your impact and challenging the status quo. You’re on the lookout for ways to mine better — more efficiently and effectively, safely and sustainably, productively and profitably.

Caterpillar and WesTrac are here to help you navigate the changes — not only as an equipment management solution provider but as a partner in your performance. We take pride in the products and solutions we deliver and the work we do on your behalf. We appreciate the strong relationships we have with you and the industry as a whole. And we are grateful that you choose to partner with us in so many ways.

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