Excavator size makes all the difference

Excavators have a broad range of applications, but knowing what size is best suited to your requirements can make all the difference when it comes to productivity, efficiency and safety. From mini excavators to the largest construction and mining models, there’s a plethora of choice but the right one all depends on what you plan to do.

which size excavator?

So you’ve got your eye on a great excavator for sale. But is it the right one for your needs?

It’s vital to ensure your excavator is suited to the job so you can work safely, productively and efficiently. Consider the likely jobs at hand and what might be required in terms of engine power, reach, breakout force and types of attachments that may help.

You should also understand the types of worksites where your excavator is likely to be used – would the compact nature of a mini excavator be more suited to your needs, or are you likely to benefit from the mobility, speed and power of a wheel excavator?

With a bit of forward planning, your Cat excavator will no doubt become one of the most valuable machines in your fleet.

Need an excavator?

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mini packs a mighty punch

Every fleet needs a mini excavator

There are plenty of advantages in adding a Cat mini excavator to your fleet. These versatile, compact machines are great for getting into small spaces, are highly manoeuvrable and can be readily used for multiple tasks. But knowing a few tips and tricks before you start is key to getting the safest, most productive performance. Here’s a few useful links:

  • Lifting safely
  • Choosing the right bucket
  • Switching to front shovel mode
  • Changing attachments
Cat Next Gen Mini
expand your excavator applications

Attachments provide versatility

There’s a multitude of attachments to suit excavators of all sizes. From trenching and backfilling, to hole boring, compaction, lifting and mulching, your excavator can become your greatest asset when partners with the right attachments. What is more, Cat’s excavator couplers allow you to quickly and easily swap from one attachment to the next, helping enhance productivity and efficiency.

The Cat Excavator Range

Find the right one for the job


This extensive range of 1 to 10 ton models are versatile, compact and highly manoeuvrable, suited to a broad range of applications. Depending on the model, there’s also an extensive range of attachments, from buckets and hammers to augers, compactors and utility thumbs.


If you need an all-round workhorse that’s efficient and boosts productivity on any construction or earthmoving project, the versatile 11 to 18 ton range of small excavators may be the ideal choice. With a broad range of attachment options, you can tackle most tasks with one of these models.


Cat mid-size excavators range from 20 to 35 tons and while easy to transport to your job site, provide the power and versatility to tackle larger projects at a lower cost. 



When you need to tackle the bulk earthmoving and heavy lifting jobs, you need the power, speed and fuel efficiency of Cat’s 36 to 90 ton large excavator models. They feature powerful but efficient engines, advanced hydraulic systems and a variety of Cat attachments, helping deliver the big jobs on time and within budget.


Sometimes wheels are a better choice, depending on terrain, distances your excavator may need to travel and the speed at which you need to move from one location to the next. Like tracked excavators, wheel excavators cater for a diverse range of applications. Sitting in the small to medium size range (13 to 25 tons), these are a great all-rounder.


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