Importance of excavators in construction

There is perhaps no piece of heavy equipment more important to the construction industry than hydraulic excavators. Used for a wide range of construction activities such as demolition, earthmoving, excavation, dredging and trenching. Hydraulic excavators are highly versatile pieces of equipment, with a variety of accessories and attachments making them the Swiss Army knife for construction sites.

With the ability to carry out a range of tasks, the Cat® excavator range can save time, money, and energy on construction projects.


You will find at least one excavator on every construction site. These powerful machines consist of a boom, arm and bucket, which are connected to the cab that sits on a rotating superstructure atop an undercarriage with tracks or wheels.


The Cat excavator range does more than just dig soil and rock, they come in a range of sizes, configurations and attachments to meet the needs of any construction project. From digging trenches, holes or foundations, through to material handing or demolition, excavators are considered a jack-of-all trades around the construction site. Whether you are looking for an excavator for sale or to simply rent a Cat excavator, there’s a solution for every construction project. 

Need an excavator?

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get the most out of your excavator

Improve performance on your construction site

FitFleet® For Technology (FFT) is an end-to-end solution that helps you get the most out of your Cat Next Gen Performance Excavator with additional technology support from WesTrac. FFT is a 'Tech Support' upgrade that can be applied to all FitFleet Customer Value Agreements. It's suitable for construction customers who want the best technical support.

FitFleet for Technology

Types of Excavators

Maneuverability, efficiency and performance


The (1 to 10 ton) range of Cat® mini hydraulic excavators offer an efficient, easily transportable and manoeuvrable machine, particularly for construction projects where there is a very limited amount of space, or access points are very narrow. Another key advantage of the Cat range of mini excavators we have for sale is they are often less costly to purchase and rent than standard excavators, while using less fuel than their larger counterparts, resulting in additional savings.


Ranging from small excavators (11 to 18 ton) to medium excavator (20 to 35 ton), these mid-size machines are powered by fuel-efficient engines and advanced hydraulic systems to keep you working quickly and efficiently. Suitable for light-to medium-duty construction applications, they also offer exclusive Cat Technology, giving you more insight into your equipment and operations. The small to midsize range of Cat excavators are affordable to own or rent.

Meeting the needs of demanding construction sites


The Cat large excavators we have for sale (36 to 96 ton) offer the power, speed and fuel efficiency to complete excavation work on large-scale construction projects on time and within budget. Of the Cat excavator range, these offer the largest power and hauling capacity for the biggest construction jobs, whether that be demolition or large-scale building projects, they can meet the most demanding tasks.


The Cat wheeled excavators range offers the mobility, speed, power, and reliability to be the most versatile machine in your fleet. Perfect for urban construction projects, where traditional excavator tracks are too hard on bitumen streets and finished foundations, wheeled excavators are renowned for their efficiency for construction projects within already developed areas.


rent a cat excavator

A solution for every construction site

With such a large range of excavators, attachments and technologies, choosing the right combination of equipment for your business can be challenging. WesTrac has a huge range of Cat excavators available for rent in WA and NSW/ACT. We have a comprehensive range of medium to large excavator rentals, which you can order at any of our locations.

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