Increasing Productivity in Construction: Do More

Increasing productivity and reducing rework on a construction jobsite is a lot more difficult than just buying the right equipment and employing enough workers. It would be nice if all just came together every time, but in reality it rarely does. Doing MORE comes down to the way you tackle challenges when they occur and prepare for future issues.

Productivity Management

Top 10 Challenges

Every jobsite is different and comes with its own unique set of challenges to manage.

The 10 most common challenges on a construction site are:

  1. Preparing the site’s working areas
  2. Laying out the site for maximum efficiency
  3. Providing an adequate level of on-site supervision
  4. Having effective communication channels open
  5. Keeping production levels on track
  6. Scheduling work well ahead of time to meet deadlines
  7. Analysing reports to predict and address issues
  8. Managing, monitoring and maintaining equipment
  9. Improving overall site safety to reduce accidents
  10. Controlling the quality of the work to limit rework

The only way to overcome these challenges and DO MORE is to utilise the right solution or service.

Cat Connect Productivity Services

We provide a number of productivity services to suit any construction site. This involves our Technology Team informing, advising or partnering with you to increase productivity in a number of areas, right across your operation.

The 7 productivity services we offer include:

  1. Utilisation Reporting
  2. Geospatial Mapping
  3. Benchmark Assessments
  4. Operator Training
  5. Site Efficiency Training
  6. Productivity Monitoring
  7. Productivity Management

These services are available individually or in a combination that suits your unique construction operation.

Road-Building Construction Study

Caterpillar conducted a road-building process production study at their proving grounds in Peoria. They put Cat Connect technology to the test by comparing it directly against traditional road building methods.
Road Production Study by Caterpillar

Look beyond the purchase price

Eire Construction’s decision to purchase three excavators came down to who was able to provide them with the most cost-effective solution in the long run. Read more to find out what factored into Eire's decision.
Eire Constructions looks beyond price

The Benefits of Fluid Sampling

Fluid sampling provides a number of benefits that include increasing productivity, controlling costs and preventing unexpected breakdowns. This infographic will provide you with a detailed overview of what to expect.

Must-Have Construction Technologies

Cat Connect PAYLOAD

Keeping production levels on track, cycle times down and loads accurate (every time) is easy with Cat Connect PAYLOAD.

  • Provides on-the-go load weighing to assist operators with achieving targets
  • Allows operators to track daily productivity right from the cab, with quick access to payload weights, load and cycle counts, and daily totals
  • Combines with the Cat Connect LINK solution to allow managers to have access to all of the information above, as well as calculate tons/hour and tons/fuel burned
Cat Connect COMPACT

Controlling the quality of the work and analysing reports to predict and address issues is easy with Cat Connect COMPACT.

  • Provides advanced compaction measurement and in-cab guidance to boost operator productivity by meeting compaction targets faster, more uniformly, and in fewer passes – reducing rework and material costs
  • Allows operators to measure mat temperature in real-time, soil compaction levels (CMV) and machine drive power (MDP)
  • Combines with the Cat Connect LINK solution to allow managers to have access to all of the information above to monitor where the job is up to
Scheduled Oil Sampling (S.O.S.)

Managing, monitoring and maintaining equipment effectively involves utilising a number of solutions and services. One of those services is scheduled oil sampling (SOS).

  • Provides a detailed oil and coolant fluid analysis so you can see what is going on inside your machine and detect problems before they become serious
  • The standard tests include wear rate analysis, oil cleanliness analysis, oil condition analysis and detection of fuel, water and glycol
  • Gives managers an accurate account of equipment health, allowing them to schedule maintenance and oil changes more effectively while maintaining maximum reliability and extending equipment life
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