FitFleet®: The ultimate solution for efficient fleet management

Maintaining and servicing a fleet of equipment is a challenging task for anyone. The key to success is staying on top of machine health and maintenance requirements to keep your kit operating at its best.

FitFleet, an equipment management solution powered by WesTrac, is the ultimate tool enabling businesses, like yours, to efficiently manage their fleets and reduce downtime, improve productivity, and ultimately increase the profitability of your equipment.

The FitFleet Portal is a web-based platform providing a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline maintenance management for fleets of any size, including machines of any brand. With asset management, service scheduling, parts ordering, invoice data and customisable reports, you can stay on top of operating requirements, ensuring their assets are working at optimal performance levels.

The FitFleet Portal comes with a truckload of useful benefits- including using insights and solutions to help you increase the availability, productivity, and safety of your assets.

FitFleet Customer Value Agreements (CVA) are available with every machine purchase to keep equipment in the best possible shape.

A FitFleet CVA pulls together data from each asset to understand its current condition and provide a comprehensive report outlining the equipment’s overall health. It’s a powerful tool helping businesses make informed decisions on when to service or replace their assets.

There are four different FitFleet CVAs, or tiers, each offering different levels of support. All tiers offer sophisticated data analysis and machine condition insights but differ in service arrangements.

FitFleet Essentials comes with every machine purchase, offering alerts for any issues and upcoming maintenance requirements, with customers making their own parts and service arrangements on a “pay-as-you-go” basis.

FitFleet Plus offers a flat cost structure that includes parts supply and can be combined with finance agreements.

FitFleet Premium provides the added advantage of WesTrac service technicians performing maintenance tasks, with costs integrated to avoid significant expenditure fluctuations from one month to the next.

FitFleet Ultimate the highest level CVA, covers all parts, maintenance and repair services to provide you complete peace of mind all maintenance and repairs will be managed by expert WesTrac technicians.

FitFleet offers a safety net that proactively addresses issues detected through data to prevent costly downtime and can reduce the burden of administration and purchasing. Ultimately, FitFleet strives to optimise availability and productivity outcomes at a reasonable cost, leveraging our global expertise in equipment management and maintenance to help you achieve your goals.


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