Enhancing efficiency and performance through the power of the Caterpillar® digital suite

WesTrac provides a range of advanced technologies to help optimise your fleet’s performance. Our FitFleet CVA is an ongoing maintenance solution that offers machine health insights through an online portal. Thousands of customers have realised the benefits, allowing us to help them achieve greater efficiency and productivity with their machinery.

The Caterpillar digital suite is a comprehensive combination of technologies providing you with data-driven insights into how your assets are performing to ensure your fleet is always running optimally.

FitFleet® Portal

FitFleet Portal is WesTrac's online delivery platform for FitFleet Customer Value Agreements (CVAs). It enables you to build value and effortlessly transact with us throughout your machine ownership lifecycle.

It provides real-time monitoring and diagnostics of your construction equipment, allowing you to identify potential issues before they become major problems.

FitFleet Customer Portal allows you to log on and see your fleet data in one place, including:

  • FitFleet CVA Agreements
  • Machine Data and Asset Health
  • Invoice Management
  • Machine History
  • S•O•S Oil Alerts

We offer a range of CVAs to match your requirements and ensure you are best leveraging our expertise in equipment to get more out of your investments.

You can read more about FitFleet and find the right level FitFleet CVA for your operations on the WesTrac website.

What is VisionLink?

VisionLink makes it easy to access important information about your fleet anywhere you go, on any device, so you can make smart decisions about your assets and your business. VisionLink is a powerful tool that can revolutionise the way you monitor and manage your fleet, but it will only do that if the data collected is used to its full potential. 

With advanced features that increase speed and performance, as well as confidence-boosting capabilities that simplify your asset monitoring, VisionLink empowers you to achieve greater results with your machinery.

There’s no charge to register for VisionLink and its available now. Watch the videos below to find out more or if you’d prefer a personalised demo, contact us to organise a time for one of our experts to take you through it.

How will VisionLink benefit me?

  • Customisable dashboards in VisionLink display fleet information in a personalised manner
  • Responsive design adapts to the device size used, enabling a seamless transition between desktop and mobile
  • Single sign-on and auto-complete search fields simplify usage
  • Users can customise notifications and set up scheduled reports for automatic updates
  • Targets can be set to track progress
  • Monitor the status of your machine


Having your equipment go down or underperform on the job can come at great cost to your business. Condition Monitoring technology enables you to assess the state of your assets remotely, regardless of your location.

By utilising a hardware component (Cat® Product Link™) connected to your machine that wirelessly transmits usage and production data to the cloud, our expert analysts, who carry extensive experience in remote asset health, can provide you with exclusive information regarding your equipment’s health.

This information can help you reduce expenses, minimise downtime and boost productivity.

Fluid sampling alerts

It’s important to understand what’s happening inside your machine – and fluid sampling is one of the easiest techniques to ascertain this information. Fluid sampling is about preventative maintenance and helping keep your equipment running at its peak. The goal is to detect any likely problems before they escalate and assist in maximising efficiency.

So how does it work?

At a high level, you take a sample, you send it to WesTrac, we analyse it and you get a report back that recommends any preventative actions you should take.

Machine safety

Work Smarter, Work Safer. Easy as.

Cat® DETECT technologies combine safety and monitoring systems to enhance operator awareness. By expanding your view of the working environment around your equipment, you can keep your people and assets safe. Get more control over who can operate your machines and when through flexible Cat DETECT options.

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