Unlock the potential of your operators with industry-leading training from the WesTrac Institute

The WesTrac Institute offers a diverse range of courses to help keep you and your staff highly trained in the latest machinery and technology. Our nationally accredited programs empower operators to maximise efficiency, minimise downtime, and drive business success.

At WesTrac we know it’s not only important to make sure your equipment is cutting edge, but also that your operators are trained in the latest technology.

The WesTrac Institute is a leading accredited training provider, offering comprehensive courses tailored to meet industry demands and equip your operators with the skills they need to excel.

The Institute offers a diverse selection of courses to cater to operators at different skill levels and role requirements. From foundational programs for beginners to advanced courses for experienced operators looking to fine-tune their skills, the Institute covers a wide range of topics, including machine operation, safety procedures, maintenance practices and technology integration.

With a focus on practical skills, the Institute offers a range of courses designed to enhance performance and productivity in various equipment categories, including excavators, wheel loaders, dozers, and more.

The Institute offers nationally accredited apprenticeship programs, nationally recognised qualifications and competency training, as well as short industry courses aimed at ensuring our people and our customers are ahead of the game with regard to new developments in equipment.

Training at The Institute in NSW

Each course is designed to empower operators with the expertise they need to maximise efficiency, minimise downtime and drive business success.

The WesTrac Institute is run out of state-of-the-art classrooms and workshops in both Guildford WA and Tomago NSW / ACT, while the WesTrac Technology Training Centre in Collie (WA) is the first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, offering training courses to technicians of autonomous equipment.

Our well-equipped modern facilities offer environments that simulate real-world working conditions to provide operators with hands-on training and experience.

The WesTrac Institute's training centres feature dig pits, where operators can practice excavation techniques, and demonstration areas where the latest technology and machinery are showcased. These interactive learning spaces provide participants with valuable hands-on experience and the opportunity to master their skills under the guidance of expert trainers.

We know it’s not always practical for your staff to travel to the WesTrac Institute locations, but our team of roving operator trainers can bring the classroom to you.

Training is delivered directly to your site, providing personalised instruction and guidance tailored to your specific equipment and operational needs. Our training team's expertise, combined with real-world experience, ensures participants receive practical insights and knowledge that can be applied immediately in their roles.

By enrolling in the Institute’s accredited courses and leveraging access to our expert trainers, you can upskill your workforce and take your business to new heights.

To find out how the WesTrac Institute can help boost the skills of your team, click the button below and send our team a message.

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