Advanced attachment features

Using the advanced features with your attachment

Pairing Cat attachments with Cat machines allows you to use a multitude of advanced features such as:

  • Work tool positioner
  • Return to dig
  • Creep control

Utilising these features will help make you more productive and get the job done more easily. 

Learn how to use these from out Cat product experts below: 

Work tool positioner

Useable on several attachments such as buckets, trenchers, cold planers and brooms, the work tool positioner allows you to select an angle for the attachment and then return the attachment to that set angle so you can get a better finished result – saving you time and effort. 

Learn how to use this feature below: 

return to dig

Once you have unloaded your bucket, you can return to the predetermined dig position (which is normally level) and  go straight back into the pile, without the worry of having to remember where your bucket was previously positioned. 

Learn how in the video below 

Creep Control

Creep Control allows you to work more accurately at a predetermined speed while maintaining full joystick movement and hydraulic power to your attachments. Travel in comfort and with confidence that you’re able to operate at the perfect pace, for precision tasks with attachments such as trenchers, brooms, cold planers and more. 

It’s important for rotating tools 

Watch the video to learn how to utilise creep control: 

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