Driving industry innovation to redefine equipment safety and productivity for our customers. The material issues we're focusing on include technology and innovation.

Technology & Innovation


WesTrac continually uses technology and innovation to enhance the safety, productivity and availability of our market-leading equipment for our customers, as well as drive effectiveness and superior experiences across our internal operations.

Towards 2030, WesTrac will seek more collaboration opportunities with our suppliers and customers, as well as the community to continue to improve upon our technology and innovation.

Key Focus Areas
  • Technological improvements to improve the way we help our customers manage their safety risk, as well as our own internal safety risks
  • Using technology and innovation to chase out waste and significantly improve customer and employee experiences across our key processes
  • Improving technology to improve the efficiency with which we remanufacture materials
  • Training our people and providing ready-to-offer training within electrification and other new technologies
  • Exploring technological improvements in support infrastructure for customer’s new requirements when operating electric machinery
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